Knitting Needles and Some News

First of all…the needles…LOL…


These aren’t all of them…I’ve got a bunch of dpns that I haven’t unearthed since moving here.  They are in with all my sock stuff.  I’ve definitely collected more than I need!

On to the news 🙂

The good news is that I’m almost done the Hedgerow Coat! 

I’m going with the ‘almost’ because I’m starting the second sleeve today.  There is more knitting on one of those sleeves than it looks!  Then I just have to knit the bands and the collar.  I can’t wait to wear it!  It’s such a nice long design I didn’t worry about length at all.

I made one modification to the pattern, on the sleeve where you do the ‘decrease row’ just before the ‘set up’ row.  The pattern says; (RS – of CUFF not sleeve) Work 7 (x,x,x) sts in rib, pm, work center 53 sts in rib and dec 13 sts evenly spaced, pm work 7 (x,x,x) sts in rib. 

– I am making the small so the first number is what I was working with –

What I changed was the ‘work center 53 sts in rib and dec 13 sts evenly spaced’.  I worked the 53 sts as an extra set up row I guess…as an ‘extra’ row 1 of the chart…I found it easier to decrease the sts nicely and it looks good.  I ripped it back three times before I found what I thought looked best.

Since this is the RS CUFF row it is a WRONG SIDE SLEEVE row so I had to remember to work the sts as on the WS chart rows.

I then worked the set up row as the pattern states, making sure to reverse the ribbing before and after the markers.  It will look like p2,k3,p2…etc.  It needs to become k2,p3,k2…etc.  LOL, I forgot this at first and again ripped back. 🙂 

Oh yes, the bad news…

The bad news is that Little Knits is sold out of the wool I was lusting after.  Probably just as well.  I know there’s tons of beautiful wools out there…you win some you lose some and they may get more in stock by the time I’m prepared to buy it 🙂

My Worst Habit – Blogstalking ’08

I think that the obvious for me is smoking.  I have smoked for far too long — since I was 16 — 23 years almost.  Yeah.  Definitely my most unhealthy habit. 

But not my worst.

I would say that my worst habit is overreacting to things.  I think I would be so much better off if I could learn to CHILL and act more often than I re-act.  I don’t flip out or anything and the overreaction is over shortly after it starts.  I am at heart a sensible woman…lol…though you can’t always tell!  I would like to stop doing it because it affects the kids…makes me feel ridiculous, foolish…really affects a lot even if it is over quickly.  I want to present a calm, collected and reasonable approach to problems for the children.  I think it would be an excellent thing if I could begin by modelling that behaviour!

Year End Reflection…Blogstalking 12

So…my proudest accomplishment of 2007 and something I would like to accomplish in 2008? 

In 2007, knitting wise, my proudest accomplishment would be the cable and lace sock pattern.  I’m proud of that — it felt like an accomplishment! 

In terms of family…I’m so very proud of how this family has drawn together and how we’ve supported each other through this uproar we are experiencing.  It hasn’t been easy and the children especially have been amazing.  (Don’t know if this is really one of my ‘accomplishments’ but I like to think so since I’ve been the primary caregiver!)

What do I ‘wish’ for 2008?  

I wish to continue to design and improve in that.  I would love to learn how to grade patterns and try designing something more complex. 

This is hard!  Trying to think of what I really want to accomplish in ’08.

I’d like to spend more time with the children…I’d like to get them a lamb in the spring, to raise and keep (no we’re NOT eating the lamb – childhood trauma for another day) now that we will be at the farm. 

We have a piano, which is moving with us…I love that piano, it represents more than just what it is to me.  I’d like to teach myself to play better (played accordian! as a child so keyboards aren’t totally foreign) and make it a part of my day to day life.  I’m good with basics, note reading, etc…definitely need to learn a lot though.  I have a couple lesson books which I will work through 🙂

I’d like to learn to spin.  I’m not sure why, but I really really want to!

I’d like to be more physically active.  I’m planning to build an ice rink in the back yard there…lots of space.  I enjoy winter sports more than summer sports so I’d like to spend more time outdoors this winter.

I would like to find a way to earn some money, doing what I do.  Which leaves me with the crafts, etc.   This has been a dream for a while.  In this new place, there may be new opportunities.

Have an excellent day!

I’m Falling Behind :)

I’ve been slacking with my blogstalking posts lately. 

I need to do ‘whats for breakfast’


I usually have oatmeal crisp or mini wheats (the brown sugar coated kind), a  yoghurt and a banana or an orange.   Our cereal cupboard is packed enough to provide breakfast for a month should cereal become hard to find, lol!  I love these bowls…we bought them for the kids a few years ago…everyone likes them 🙂 

Ok, now the junk drawer!   This is my junk drawer….


Lots of stuff, lol.  We have my glasses case, advil, dh’s old wallet, stamps, ball bands, needles, thread, bookmarks, a grad picture, those buttons and bits of string you get with store bought clothes, a pair of extra shoelaces that came with my shoes, nail hardener, nail files, reciepts, a watch….I’m tired…can we stop now? 

Now for what I am thankful for….

What am I thankful for?  Everything!  I’m thankful that I have been blessed with a husband and children that are healthy and strong.  I’m thankful that I live in a country as wonderful as Canada is.  I’m thankful that I have a good head on my shoulders and I’m thankful I’ve had opportunities to develop my skills.  I’m thankful that I am blessed to stay at home, to make that choice to be wife and mother — I’m thankful to live somewhere where the choice is mine.  I’m thankful for my beautiful home.  I’m thankful my husband and kids support me in that and that I am able to support them.  I’m thankful I can pursue my interests and create to my hearts content.  I’m very thankful to still have my mom, though she has been through many health challenges.  I’m ever so thankful that my children have her too!  I’m thankful for the love my family gives me…the understanding…how they are always always there for me and for each other 🙂 

The Christmas rush of making things like mad has kept me on my couch knitting in all my spare time lately.  At the moment, I have a pair of socks – for my middle daughter (the sweetheart lace) which are half way done… a ‘crazy cabin’ scrap blanket for my husband (6/20 blocks done), a few half baked plans to start yet more projects for gifts…. I found a pattern I had laying around for dog beds and coats.  We have three dogs who would love beds and coats!  Who knows if I will have time.  The dh made a boo-boo yesterday and actually suggested I should finish some stuff I have started before I start anything new.  Screwing with my creativity!  LOL.  He’s probably got a point…he’s seen the mad rush of finishing things up on Christmas Eve before…it’s not a pretty sight 🙂

Have an excellent day! 🙂

A day in my life…Blogstalking 6

I’m so far behind with this because I couldn’t think of a way to make my day exciting.  I still haven’t. 

How do you make a day at home look exciting?  Well, brace yourself, because here it is!

First thing in the morning, there must be 100_0161 , I live on this stuff!  I usually start off here…. 100_0233 doing all the fabulous stuff, like dishes and breakfast with the kids and end up here….100_0162 to drink the 100_0161 while I read my ….100_0230 100_0165 and 100_0243.  Then the FUN begins…always lots of THIS STUFF to do…100_0237 and 100_0163.  Of course, by this time I need 100_0161 again!

Exciting huh?!

Usually in the afternoons, I settle down and 100_0172 until the kids get home and then I’m back in the 100_0167 to make dinner, help with homework, do my mommy thing 🙂

Ok, by now we all know what took me so long to post this!  It’s a typical housework mommy day interspersed with self fulfilment in the form of knitting!

An Interesting Statue

So, week five’s topic is ‘an interesting statue’ and I have one even! 🙂


My husband gave me this statue many years ago, when the older two girls were very small and I was absorbed with babies 🙂  I love it and it brings back such a warm and fuzzy feeling… I don’t know how interesting this is but it’s a very special thing to me so I thought I would share it 🙂

Have a great day 🙂