Ok, Couldn’t Help IT…Started the Coat!


I was restless yesterday…wanted to start something new even though I have the blanket to finish AND the carpet AND the socks AND the shawl.  Yeah.  LOL.  I managed to work on the blanket squares for a while first and they are getting there.  Another day of work to finish the blanket I predict.  And I will finish the carpet.  Later.

I tried spinning with a drop spindle yesterday, for the first time.  The fleece hates me, to begin with…I suspect the spindle may hate me too!  Anyways, not the most successful attempt but I could see improvement happening quickly.  Makes me truly appreciate a beautiful hand spun skein of yarn!!  LOL.  Definitely worth paying for! 🙂

The Malabrigo I’m using for the Hedgerow Coat is so buttery soft!  Georgeous stuff.  I will definitely look at making more things for myself out of it.  This is my first time knitting with it 🙂

It’s super cold out today….Husband cannot work, they have an ‘extreme cold’ warning on.  Yet they say it will warm up a lot by the end of the week?  We’ll see.

Off to knit a beautiful coat….


Some Short Term Goals…

I feel like I have a million or so things on the go…well, ok, it’s only about three.   I’m making myself finish these (or most of these!) before I begin the Hedgerow Coat from Interweave Knits.   I had the magazine out yesterday drooling over it and the Malabrigo I’m using.  This house is the land of the sweater and the coat is going to be a favorite, I predict!

There is the crazy cabin blanket — five squares are mid-completion, two sit ready to sew and the rest (9 squares)is sewn together already (60″ x 60″ so far).  I want to complete that asap.  A little late for Christmas, lol.


 There is the braided rag rug carpet — on the floor, coming along beautifully and about 5 feet or so across at this point.  I need to continue it about 12-15 wraps around…I want it to fill the space it’s in 🙂


Then there are the sweetheart lace socks for my daughter.  They are about half way done, the design is completed though not written out nicely yet.  I hope to have these done for her birthday at this point and since that is in May…no rush on these.  I’ll wait for the sock bug to bite again 🙂

Another Block

 block 9 

Good morning 🙂  I’ve finished another block for the crazy cabin quilt I’m knitting my husband for Christmas.  I think this blanket is going to look awesome.  Of course, I’m ten blocks away from finishing it!  I’ll be surprised and impressed if I can finish this by Christmas, with the moving and all at the same time.

My husband is able to take a few days off around the move, as it turns out.  That will help a lot.  I thought I was basically on my own with the unpacking and stuff.  He usually only takes a day off each week.

I’m off to knit and pack…I think I’ll alternate a bit of each all day.