The Little Summer Lace Socks And The Pattern

NOTE: In the pattern, where I say to disregard row 1, I mean row one (the ‘no stitch’ row) of the charted pattern – I made the chart one row too long. The written pattern is correct as written. Sorry for any confusion! 🙂

Hello 🙂

I’ve been working on a little personal challenge – my socks are wearing out (they’re handknit so they are all a few years old) and I needed some more.  The socks I like, however, are little.  Ankle socks.  With lace….lots of lace!  Of course, as it usually is when one has something definite in mind – I couldn’t really find a pattern I liked for it’s style and pattern.

So – I decided to design some.  These are the first and I’ve made the pattern available as a pdf;  The Little Summer Lace Socks

summer lace sock project 002

They fit really nicely since the lace gives them stretch.  The edge sits just below the ankle.

summer lace sock project 004

summer lace sock project 006

I designed the lace by modifying an existing pattern, “String of Beads” from the book “Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls” by Martha Waterman.

Enjoy, I know I am 🙂

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 Have a fantastic day!

Make Like An Elf…

So, back to Christmas….

I’ve started a pair of socks for my middle daughter, in the knitpicks felici that was included in my warm sock sampler.  The colour is ‘clay’ and it’s really nice.  My daughter chose it as her favorite 🙂  She likes cables more than lace so I’m trying an idea I had…will let you know how it goes!  I’ve charted it – now to knit it up a bit and see how it looks ‘for real’.


Yay! My Wool Arrived :)

The Malabrigo…isn’t it pretty?!!


The colour is ‘Amoroso’ (purchased at an excellent price from – I paid less than $100 for 10 skeins – AND that included shipping to Canada!) and I am planning to make the Hedgerow Coat from the Interweave Knits Fall 2007 issue. 

I’m reading a lot about malabrigo, everywhere I can find information.  It’s such a beautiful wool, I can see what people have said about the pilling…I can deal with that.  I’ve also read something, somewhere, about it producing a fabric which doesn’t hold it’s shape properly…stretches out?  I’m wondering if I should use a slightly smaller needle to prevent this?  The coat (in size small) is a little big for me, so I could do it without causing too much trouble, as long as I watch the length.

I woke up so sick this morning…pounding headache, couldn’t hold anything down…nasty!  I’m ok now as I managed to finally hold down an advil and rest for an hour.  The headache is gone, thank goodness!  Felt like a hangover but I don’t do that stuff!  Talked to my mom, she asked me where in my cycle I am (I’m in the middle) and told me how she would have this once a month, every month, at ovulation.  Great.  So it’s likely hormonal and one of those lovely like mother like daughter things.

The Cable and Lace Socks are coming out so beautifully.  I’m pleased as can be with them.  I wish, though, that I had another skein of the serengeti….they would be ideal as knee socks…

Here is a peek of how they look so far….

100_0408  100_0422

Starting Some Socks…


I’ve decided to make some lacy socks this time and try the entrelac another time 🙂  I improvised a lace panel pattern including cables and have started these toe up on size 2mm needles using Knitpicks gloss in serengeti.  My guage is coming out at about 10 sts per inch.

I’m pleased with the texture and openness of this lace!  Not sure if these will be for me or for one of the girls this Christmas.  We all have basically the same size feet, so I can decide later!

Finished the Alpaca Gloves!

My mission this weekend was to work on something which needed finishing…and I’ve finished my Fitted Alpaca Gloves 🙂

 Very very pleased with these..they are my own design and a perfect fit.  The yarn is so nice and soft – I used Ultra Alpaca for these that I had left over from the cable yoke sweater I made a little while ago.

 The cable pattern is a sort of travelling vine with berries and leaves…I kept on with the reverse stockinette for the entire top of the gloves.

fitted alpaca gloves

A better picture of the cable detail…

Fitted Gloves again

I carried the cable ribbing up the underside of the gloves, just past where the thumb gusset begins and did the palm in stockinette.

alpaca gloves

Very glad to be done and can’t wait to wear them! 🙂

From Here To There…

I’m so not having my best day (week)…but then neither are these shoes!

From here to there

I tried to think up some kind of fabulous idea for this post…but didn’t.  Sorry!  Basically I walk, take the bus or wait for my husband to be home to get from ‘here to there’.

It’s been raining like crazy here this weekend and I’m sick AND it was Thanksgiving for us here yesterday.  I’m patting myself on the back for just getting the dinner made and served without coughing to death.   It’s the same virus that sent our daughter to the hospital last weekend, but I’m certain they won’t help me….except to helpfully inform me it is a virus, of course!  I did borrow one of the ventalin puffers this morning…helps a lot.

On the good news front, I heard from my lady at the store where I’m planning to buy my Simply Shetland 4 book and the yarn!  She has her stock in now and hopefully I shall make it there next week.  Wednesday is the goal.  Should work beautifully, I ordered the necessary needles from knitpicks and they were shipped on Thursday.  If I get over this cold in the meantime….hmmm….I think I’m really looking forward to Wednesday/Thursday!  I love starting a new project, especially something I’ve been looking forward to 🙂

Meantime, I’ve been working on a pair of gloves? (they may still morph into mittens)  I’m using the left over Ultra Alpaca from the sweater I just finished.  Size 3.25 mm needles.  I found a pattern I really liked for a ‘leaf lace’ type panel and then discovered it was too wide to look right.   I designed my own…it’s fun but challenging to design cables and lace on the graph paper.  Tricky because the count varies row to row sometimes.  Glove number one is almost done to the fingers…

Alpaca Gloves

And the back/underside…

Alpaca Gloves

So, what do you think?