Thermal is Done!

Very, very pleased! I’m done Thermal from and am pretty happy with how it turned out.

The yarn was Elann’s ‘sock it to me collection’ sock yarn in two different shades (one navy/blues, one grey/black and both patterning) which should have done what you see in the sock at the left. I used lots of little balls to keep the yarn from doing it’s patterning in the sleeves. I have a bit left and used a total of ten 50 gram balls.
I always add at least a couple inches in length because I have a long back/arms. I didn’t add the buttons, but did do the button hole…maybe will do the buttons in future 🙂

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Lace Front Sweater from Lingerie Style

This is the Lace Front Sweater from the book ‘Knitting Lingerie Style’ by Joan McGowan-Michael. I used Elann’s ‘Mr. Joe Blanket’ (in lilac, I think), a sport weight yarn with stretch. I love the stretch…the yarn is super soft and the fit is perfect because the stretch keeps it from bagging at the elbows or anything like that. Another thing I really like about this sweater is the neckline. I was thinking about making it as a pullover…eliminating the split at the front…it would be, I think, the most comfortable v-neck pullover for winter.
It was really hard to get good pictures…I’m not much of a self-photographer, lol! I’m trying to get pictures of all my recent finished projects up.

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Breeze Socks Done!

These are my ‘breeze’ socks (from knitty) done in Elann Esprit (cotton/elasic mix). Really comfortable and washable too!

I knitted them with the called for needles, even though the yarn is sport weight and made them the ‘small’ size. They fit perfectly, as I like, when stretched.

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Good morning 🙂

I’m still working on ‘Thermal’ from Knitty. I’ve reached the point where I seperate for the placket. Almost to the armholes!

I was busy this week working on our front walkway. I built it from rock we salveged from my mom’s falling down barn. I think it looks much better. I’ll try and post some pics soon. I wish I had been thinking and done the ‘before and after’ thing. Now I have to find some plants to plant between the rocks. So far I have irish moss….a perennial I got at the local walmart. The plant place was closed….am sure they will have more selection.

I’ve got an urge to knit the Sanquhar gloves after seeing the pattern while reading at the coffeeshop. Of course my lys doesn’t carry any dpns smaller than the size 0. I printed the pattern anyways…