It’s Here!


I picked up my fleece this morning at the post office. Good thing too…now it looks like it’s going to pour rain today! It came in a pretty small box, it’s amazing how well they vacuum packed it.


About 4.5 pounds of raw charcoal/black shetland fleece from Devine West Ranch in New Brunswick, Canada.

Couldn’t help it – had to see! – so I’ve let it stretch a little in a smallish bin in the living room until the kids get home for lunch. I want to let them share in this whole thing – it’s a real learning experience for all of us and I’ve always been craft mama with them 🙂


It fluffed right up and it’s not nearly fully ‘fluffed’…



I can see some finer fleece as well as some coarser and there seems to be a variety of browns/blacks within the fleece. I’ll be able to say more once I stretch it out (planning to use an old sheet for that!) and have a better look. Doesn’t look like too much hay or other fun stuff in there but again, I need a better look.

I’m all excited and intimidated at the same time, lol! Wish me luck 🙂

Some Pictures…


I took this picture of the moss the other day 🙂  I like it when the snow melts and I can see the green things.


The snow is coming back again! 

Look What I Found :)

I was walking the dogs this morning and look!  It’s right behind our barn…I had no idea…with little groves of trees and an apple orchard I think.  The stream has a little waterfall…it’s beautiful!  Made my day 🙂  I can so picture taking a picnic and my knitting down there when the weather is nice!





Yay Me!

This morning I tried the borax – made a paste and used steel wool (yeah, no-no, I know) because the toilet is scratched anyways – and it’s so much better.  I have no idea how long those darker stains have been building up (years I suspect)…I went back a few times with a few soaks in between.


I like how the water looks clear now!  LOL 


How do I clean this?? 


We’ve moved to a farm (as you may have read) and there is a well — good enough for washing but not good for anything else.  We buy drinking/cooking water.

The well has quite hard water…sulpher I think, probably iron too and who-knows-what-else.  I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to clean the porcelain where it is stained – toilets and sinks mainly.   I guess I want a wonder product LOL.  I’m not holding my breath.

Suggestions I’m thinking of trying – borax, coca-cola (makes sense -remember the penny), a pumice stone (have tried this and it will work but I don’t have a pumice I want to sacrifice to the toilet atm).  Others I’m not sure about – alka seltzer? vinegar? denture cleaning soak type things?

Bleach type stuff has no effect on the stain.  I think I need an acidic cleaner for this.

No worries about scratching the toilet – this house is as old as the hills…the house itself is from the mid 1800’s and the toilet seems only slightly newer 😉

-31 is COLD

We woke up this morning to temperatures of -31c (-23f) and it’s cold!  I took this picture from inside the house 🙂


Jack Frost came to visit!

Have a great day 🙂

I LOVE It Here :)

Today, not much knitting — We went out on the snowmobile instead!  We stayed on the farm but it’s acres and acres…from one concession road to the next.  Here are some pictures…


It’s about -20 or so with the wind today but we were warm as can be…only one thing…I need real boots!


The trees look awesome don’t they?  I love how the sun shines through.