Hand Carved Crochet Hooks!

An awesome, fun, new craft!


There is a pear tree in our back yard which has a dead, dry branch — so dry it literally snapped off the tree with a touch a few weeks ago. Add to that that I saw a tutorial on hook carving AND I love to carve in the first place….. 🙂

A little research revealed that pear is an ideal carving wood. Thank you, God.

And so I’ve learned to carve crochet hooks – what a fabulous way to spend a day off!


The finished hook in this picture is 4mm and about 5.5 inches long. It fits perfectly in the hand with the bend in the wood. The stick on the right was the second one I worked on. More picture of that one coming right up!


A raw stick, or how it starts – The second hook, which ended up being 5.5mm and about 6.5 inches in length with a really comfy thumb rest – The first hook and my favorite knife and blade.


I wanted to show the ‘hook’ itself, that is definitely the tricky part. I sanded these very gently to get them to a shiny smooth finish, especially on hook end. I love how the wood grain comes out in this wood and really love it best in hook #2.


Have a fabulous day!


What A Beautiful Day!

Absolutely LOVING the gardens this year…(and they are loving me right back)
beautiful yard 004

Our veggies are planted and yesterday we added a strawberry garden too…
beautiful yard 003

I’ll have to get a picture of it since it’s tucked away in the corner there, by the grape vines 🙂

The fruit trees are starting to blossom! We have pear and apple, I believe 🙂 New houses are always fun when no-one leaves you a garden map. I feel like an explorer, finding new things every day in the garden.
beautiful yard 002

I’ve decided to take a chance that the frosts are done for the year and get everything in now – I may be sorry but I’m doubting that. LOL – my way is to plant it and give it to nature – I help nature out by using my fleece soak water as liquid fertilizer and by weeding a little 🙂 If it works out it’s fabulous – if not we’ll plant a few more things in a couple weeks 🙂 I have some pepper plants and some cherry tomatoes that I’ve started in the house which are yet to be placed in the garden. Other than that we’ve got parsnips, carrots, lettuce (leaf and romaine), brocolli, corn, turnip, tomaotes, parsley, pumpkins, watermelons, cucumbers, radishes, peas. I’m thinking of adding a blueberry garden in the centre circle which currently houses some rose bushes. Roses are nice but blueberries are better 🙂 I can always move the roses to a spot along the fence! I’ve also found some rosemarey (my favorite herb) and something that I’m SURE is an herb and smells like lemon – I assume herb because it’s in the garden itself and the prior owners of this house were dedicated gardeners!

After a week of rain, I’m so happy that the sun is out 🙂 I managed to wash most of the mystery fleece that I was working on in the last post…it came out nice and clean!
drying the wool

There were parts of the fleece I gave up on and left too long in the soak water – they will now be going to live in the back of the yard, near the pine trees, as mulch. Since the fleeces were free and unskirted I feel just fine about that – the hardest part will be lugging it back there 🙂 I still have about half of the total three bags to process and will take a bit more time to skirt these!

I’ve been spinning some icelandic that I washed last year. I thought it was felted but was pleasantly surprised to find it cards up just beautifully and wasn’t really felted at all!
felted icelandic?

icelandic singles - not felted after all :)

Today I really should get back to knitting the socks BUT I have a feeling I just may end up spinning on the deck… 🙂

Have a fabulous day!