Cable and Lace…

All done!  These were made using knitpicks gloss (70% merino, 30% silk).  I improvised the chart and pattern.  I’m really happy with them! 🙂

Cable and Lace Sock Pattern

Cable and Lace Socks




done the first Cable and Lace Sock!  I would definitely like them better as knee socks but that is an adventure for another time with a bigger pile of yarn 🙂  If only I had another skein, I would have made them knee socks…

My knitpicks order came yesterday.  I ordered some of the new sock wools (the warm tone sock sampler).   I’m doing my best to stay AWAY from the malabrigo.  It’s beautiful enough to make me forget about Christmas knitting altogether.  My daughters have chosen their favorites from the sock yarns…I’d really like to get some socks made for each of them for their stockings.

Enjoy your day!

Yay! My Wool Arrived :)

The Malabrigo…isn’t it pretty?!!


The colour is ‘Amoroso’ (purchased at an excellent price from – I paid less than $100 for 10 skeins – AND that included shipping to Canada!) and I am planning to make the Hedgerow Coat from the Interweave Knits Fall 2007 issue. 

I’m reading a lot about malabrigo, everywhere I can find information.  It’s such a beautiful wool, I can see what people have said about the pilling…I can deal with that.  I’ve also read something, somewhere, about it producing a fabric which doesn’t hold it’s shape properly…stretches out?  I’m wondering if I should use a slightly smaller needle to prevent this?  The coat (in size small) is a little big for me, so I could do it without causing too much trouble, as long as I watch the length.

I woke up so sick this morning…pounding headache, couldn’t hold anything down…nasty!  I’m ok now as I managed to finally hold down an advil and rest for an hour.  The headache is gone, thank goodness!  Felt like a hangover but I don’t do that stuff!  Talked to my mom, she asked me where in my cycle I am (I’m in the middle) and told me how she would have this once a month, every month, at ovulation.  Great.  So it’s likely hormonal and one of those lovely like mother like daughter things.

The Cable and Lace Socks are coming out so beautifully.  I’m pleased as can be with them.  I wish, though, that I had another skein of the serengeti….they would be ideal as knee socks…

Here is a peek of how they look so far….

100_0408  100_0422

Starting Some Socks…


I’ve decided to make some lacy socks this time and try the entrelac another time 🙂  I improvised a lace panel pattern including cables and have started these toe up on size 2mm needles using Knitpicks gloss in serengeti.  My guage is coming out at about 10 sts per inch.

I’m pleased with the texture and openness of this lace!  Not sure if these will be for me or for one of the girls this Christmas.  We all have basically the same size feet, so I can decide later!

Winding Wool


Last night I wound my knitpicks gloss (by hand)…three skeins of it…one in each serengeti, cocoa and pumpkin.  I had a bright idea about entrelac socks.  Now I know why I’ve never seen a pair with entrelac on top of the foot!  I couldn’t visualize it at all, until I tried it.  Then I realized I would have to work the foot back and forth, combining with sts at the sides in order to create the sole of the sock. 

I think I may make lace socks instead, this time.

The gloss is beautiful!!  Soft and sturdy with a nice twist.  Beautiful shine from the silk, I presume.  I’m very glad I ordered it. 

The Harmony Needles Are Here :)

So, yesterday I received my package from Knitpicks and of course I was so excited to see the new harmony needles! 

I bought the fixed circulars in sizes 2mm, 2.5mm and 3 mm (in the 16″ length) as called for in the pattern for the Autumn Rose Pullover.  Now I’m looking at them thinking they are tiny!!  I should have bought the next longer size (24″?).  Now I’m thinking I need more of these and I need to learn to do socks on two circulars.  That seems a useful long term purpose for them.  Something to research.


I also received the Gloss I ordered 🙂 One skein each in cocoa and pumpkin, two in serengeti.  I was browsing last night for pattern ideas (my hands seized up from too much working on the autumn rose) and I think I want to make entrelac socks.  Of course, I’ve never done entrelac but I think I can figure it out after seeing this very good tutorial on it!

I think these colours could work very nicely….


Have a wonderful day!! 🙂