Inkle Weaving


I love how it’s coming and I’ve only just begun! I’m thinking I’ll make placemats with this…they’ll go nicely in our kitchen 🙂

Not perfect, but pretty…


I also made a ‘shed stick’ (or so I’m calling it, lol) with knife edges to open the shed and to push down the weft as I weave. It’s hard to see but I sanded it just like the shuttle for the edge and it’s just a little longer than the working area of my loom so I can use it for any project. I MAY end up making it into a dual purpose item by adding open areas so I can also use it as a longer shuttle. We’ll see 🙂


Finished Up!

Yay for finishing things!!! LOL, this took a lot of knitting or at least it felt like it 🙂



The playing with colour kitchen rug!

I wish I had more stamina — it would be awesome even longer than it is BUT that was that for me 🙂 I used a bunch of cotton which I had stashed away, some partial balls so I’m not sure how much yarn is in it! I did use three balls of the light green and two of the darker green for a guideline as to how much goes how far. The ‘woven’ bands could be bits of any oddballs — the more variety the better, though I stuck with the variegated ones and stayed away from the solids (except of course, the white). I really love the woven look of it 🙂

Now back to my regularly scheduled spinning 😉

Finished ‘Think Spring’ Rug…

on time for my daughter’s birthday even!


I gave it to her last night…she says it really brightens up her room and I agree! 

Pattern:  Flower Power rug by Bernat/Lily

Available:  Free on the site with membership

Materials:  Odds and ends of handicrafter cotton gifted to me.  I didn’t worry about colour really, just wanted a mix of everything.  Brings me back to my years of quilting 🙂

Size:  The pattern calls for 12 blocks.  Mine is 72 blocks about 6.5 inches each.  About 52×60 (roughly)  A nice size for her room 🙂

Now to figure out what to do!  LOL.  I could finish the modern lace henley OR the frost flowers and leaves shawl OR the oak leaves pullover for my mom.  Oh yeah….OR I could return to my new love and spin!

I think I want a spinning wheel so I’m researching like crazy at the moment.  Learning the language, so to speak.  Ratios and flyers and bearings and whatnot…a lot of new things to understand before I feel I know what I’m buying.  My heart is so far set on the Kromski Mazurka…a BEAUTIFUL thing it is.  My dh has his eye on another of the Kromski’s for me (he likes to buy me nice toys…) but I really think the Mazurka does everything almost the same for like 200 dollars less. 

LOL…I wonder how much wool one must spin before one reclaims the cost of the tools!  Ok, lets not…this counts as entertainment right?!

So Much To Learn!

I’m wondering if anyone who learns to spin ever has time to knit again? 

I feel like I’ve been sucked into the new-hobbie-hole where the wools will be beautiful but there will be no time to knit them…

LOL.  I get this way with new things, especially new hobbies and things like that that I want to learn.  I’ve been fascinated with spinning since I was a little girl and it’s just awesome knowing that I can DO that 🙂

In between crochet rounds (yes, I’m really still working just not really fast) I’ve done a little research and found out just how much I don’t know! 


Firstly, I had no idea that different weight spindles are used for different weight yarns.  It turns out mine is about in the middle?  I’m guessing — 1.4 oz.

I didn’t know there were top and bottom whorl spindles.   Mine is a bottom whorl but I’m wondering why I couldn’t turn it (if I wanted to) and use it in the other direction?  It has a knob on the bottom (like a turning top) that has room to tie off in or use a half hitch to hold the yarn and the notch on the spindle part itself.  I will likely be trying this soon!  It seems awkward, so far I’m very happy with the bottom whorl but it would be nice to know if it COULD be done.

I didn’t see very many spindles like mine online…nothing exactly.  I had no idea it was so unique!  There is no metal hook on mine, just a notch in the wood.  The whorl isn’t round – it’s cut in a flower shape and the bottom has that knob rather than just a point or rounded tip.

Then there’s the spinning itself! 

I had no idea about worsted and woolen spun.  Now I understand worsted is when the fibres are kept straight against one another as they are spun, leaving less air between the fibres and making it less likely to felt or fuzz.  Also less warm though.  The woolen spun is when the fibres are fed in more randomly (? – probably not the proper term!) and so more air is trapped amongst them making for a more wooly and warm wool which tends to pill and felt.

The book I began learning from was supposed to be instructions on how to spin worsted wools but didn’t actually explain what that meant, lol.

I’ve also learned that I do want to overspin the singles a little because the plying will remove the extra spin.  Otherwise you end up with what I did in places…singles which are almost roving again once they were plyed.  Learning is a good thing!

I found myself unplying cotton scraps last night instead of throwing them out after sewing up some of the flower blocks. 

Clearly a side effect of spin-itis!  I just wonder if I could spin them into some kind of really interesting yarn?  I plan on trying it sometime!


Flower Power

I’ve been crocheting like a madwoman, trying to get a bunch of blocks finished so my carpet is ready for my daughter’s birthday!

So far…


That’s just a random placement to see how it looks so far 🙂 

At this point I have 43 blocks…I WANTED about 100…LOL…we’ll see how it goes.  I’m quite OK with settling for less depending on time and energy!

What’s Up…

Good morning 🙂

 Yeah, I’ve been post-slacking these last couple of days.  I was seduced by a crochet project, lol.



It’s the “Flower Power Rug” by Bernat using Handicrafter Cottons in various colours.  The pattern is available for free at if you join!

I have no set amount of blocks in mind.  It’ll be a judgement call.  I do want it to be large enough to fill the centre of my daughter’s floor.  She is going to be 14 later this month and I think she’ll love it!

So — I’ll be the lady crocheting like mad between now and then!!

I love crochet but there are so few things I want to make using it, lol.  It also gets to my wrist after a while.  I crochet a while, sew the blocks a while…it helps me not hurt myself.

I am so getting ahead of myself — too many things on the go.   It’ll be a whole lot of finishing up after this, REALLY 😉

In Puppy News…No puppies yet. 

I think it will be any time within the next 7 days…think being the operative word.  Of course I could be wrong.  She’s still resting a lot and not showing any signs of labour yet.  Her milk is starting to come in but she’s not to the point of leaking or anything.  I’m watching her closely!