So, Now Halloween is over and it’s time to focus on CHRISTMAS!!

I’ve finished a scarf for my nephew, tried to finish a matching hat…lol…didn’t swatch and designed it myself so it turned out baby sized and will be going to Christmas Cheer.   I’m sticking to the same idea and adding 20 sts to the next one.  They are hats using the ‘my so called scarf’ stitch, modified to work in the round.  

Because I’m frustrated by the non-fitting hat, I’ve put that aside for now and have cast on the ‘floral tree skirt’ from Handknit Holidays.  The pattern is by Michelle Rose Orne (which I just noticed) and she is the same designer that designed the composed mitts as it turns out!  I’m using stash yarn, mostly red heart….LOL, I added my stash to ravelry and I now feel obligated to find stash busting projects.  It seems I have a little wool problem!

Must go knit and de-Halloween this house, lol (the kids have decorated everything in sight).  Have a great day! 

Child’s Knitted Gansey

Pattern: Knitted Gansey

Source: Handknit Holidays

Yarn Sub: James C Brett ‘marble’

Yeah, this is the sweater I’ve been working on for my son. It doesn’t fit, AGAIN. Since the yarn is cursed, I am giving it to my little nephew instead of redoing it again.

The pattern is really nice though and I think I may try again in another wool, another time 🙂 The yarn was really nice to work with even though it is acrylic.

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