The Best Chair Ever!


Don’t you agree?!

We found this at a second hand store in Barrie over the weekend and I had to have it! It is so comfortable and I love the look too. I think it’s pretty old and I’m not letting the kids use it, lol…I, on the other hand, love sitting in it for knitting or whatever…it lets the kids have the couch and since our living room is small, it helps us all fit in without too many of us sitting on the floor (which we don’t mind either).

A few pictures of the Hexacomb Cardigan I knit with my handspun superwash merino from The Black Lamb….



A close up of the ‘buttons’ – ok, beads 🙂


And the beginnings of Ice Queen….


About Time…

So, I’ve entered my laceweight into the spinning contest I’ve been talking about. I couldn’t take the waiting for someone else to enter so I’m the first entry, lol. Here’s the finished yarn…

sakinaneedles 2ply laceweight 333 m/40 m

I’m happy as can be with it. I’m planning to make the Ice Queen pattern from with it using some glass seed beeds in pink and amber shades. I also have blue and an ivory so they are always options too. I think it’s a great choice because it’s superwash yarn and will be easy to care for. The colours are perfect too I think!

2ply lace weight - dusty cornflower - sakina needles

My daughter’s cardigan is coming along well…done the main knitting and working on seaming and trim today. I hope to have enough yarn left for the trim but it’s ok if I end up spinning more. The last of the singles are still on the bobbins to give me a ‘starting weight’ to copy. That’s how I spun the yarn for it so far. I think the leftover helps a lot to keep the weight the same. I’ve been just joining onto the leftover and continuing the strand rather than worrying about emptying the bobbins and starting fresh. I have no idea how others spin for large projects but this works for me!



isn’t fun! But you do get to finish a lot of knitting that way.

hexacomb cardigan body

I started the first sleeve but with a modification. I like the hexagon pattern and so am including it in the sleeve. The pattern calls for a stocking stitch sleeve but to me that looks too plain. Plus, I think the pattern is a perfect way to feature the handspun yarn I’m using…it hides a lot of little variances that the stocking stitch just could not.

hexacomb sleeve

Last night I was exhausted by 8 pm so I went to bed early…LOL (nice try to me). I then woke up at about ten, when the kids went to bed and couldn’t get back to sleep until about 3! Now it’s seven thirty and I’m awake for the day…dogs don’t like people who sleep in, or at least our dogs don’t.

I think I need a nap!

One More In High School!

Yes, my friends, it’s true…kids do grow up!

Today my youngest daughter and I are off to register her in high school for september. I can’t believe how fast they grow up, really! It could take your breath away. It’s so awesome watching it happen. LOL, I think I’m getting sentimental or something but I love watching the transformation from child to adult…

In other news, I hope to be finished the main body of the hexacomb cardigan today…we have karate so I’ll be taking it for an hour of uninterrupted knitting. Semi-uninterrupted I guess is more accurate! One of the moms, on tuesday, made a comment about how I must have ‘endless’ time on my hands to knit and when I told her I made the wool she was even more…umm..sarcastic? Why do people act like that? Why must people assume that because they sit idle, we all must? Everyone (I’m sure) takes time out to sit, to watch tv, to listen to music, whatever. I just use that time and keep my hands busy whilst doing that. It would be nice to have more positive responses rather than this assumption that I must not do anything else. I should have shown her the blisters on my hands and told her about the two loads of laundry I washed that day but I thought it would be kind of petty and defensive to start listing my actual activities, lol. It’s part of a lesson, I suppose…about not worrying about what she or anyone else thinks…after all (as Mother Theresa said)…it’s not between me and her, it never was…it’s between God and me. That’s a rough paraphrase of a great quote I once read which really stuck with me.

Must get ready for the day…enjoy!


So far!


I love it… 🙂 The handspun is looking pretty good in this pattern!

I’m just about ready to seperate for the armholes and the second ball of yarn. A really quick knit and the pattern is simple enough I can take it out (like to karate last night) without carrying the pattern…

Project Spin-For-A-Sweater

Ok, a hexacomb cardigan, actually…


This is my first bobbin of singles. I’m going for a 2ply, dk weight/light worsted, approximately 600 metres (should be more than enough-pattern calls for 500). I’m using the superwash merino in lavender that I just bought at the black lamb on the weekend. The pattern is in the Spring 08 IK magazine.

It’s harder trying to spin a specific weight than I thought and since this is the first bit, it may not be the right weight. I’m totally prepared to put aside the first ball if I have to!