So Far…

The blanket – so far…


The rug – so far…


The felted bag – so far…


It seems that I’m on a whole ‘hearts and flowers’ kick, lol. I guess I am 🙂

The same thing in three different crafts is kind of interesting.

I got sick of my hair the other day so I let my girls (17 and 14) cut it. Perhaps a brave move but they did a fine job. Now I have a long bob type style and I like it much better. This was their first try at hair cutting, lol, they were nervous too. It was almost to the small of my back but the ends were very dry so it feels much nicer now. They did it in thin layers, starting at the nape of the neck, making each layer slightly longer than the last.

My husband is taking the kids to some car racing today so I may work on the crochet some more – it’s the closest to being done. Yeah, that and the laundry that seems to have doubled since yesterday…kids are mysterious creatures with the power of neverending laundry 🙂

Have a great day 🙂

Good Morning :)

I feel like I’m finally ‘back to work’, now that the kids are in school again. All summer, we share the chores and so I don’t have that much routine or work to do. A nice thing, but it throws me off. It feels good to be able to manage my days again! Not that I love laundry and cleaning and cooking – ok, I actually do enjoy these things MOST of the time, or at least their results – but I enjoy having the house to myself to clean and organize as I like, lol, maybe I’m just a control freak?

In between loads this morning, I am working on the hooked rug…beginning to add in the background and I’m liking the results! You never know how a colour or print will come out until it’s there…


I figure it’s best to fill in the hoop’s worth and then deal with what’s outside of it…I’m not sure how to pad the hooked sections so the hoop doesn’t do any damage…I’ll figure it out when I get there, I guess 🙂

Have a great day 🙂