I Like It!


The kids tell me it’s not really done until I decorate the underside BUT here is the shed stick, so far.


The shuttle is waiting for me to finish weaving and then I’m planning to decorate it to match. The loom is waiting too, a bit.

I’ve also got to get moving on a baby quilt that needs to be done by sometime in june!

Inkle Weaving


I love how it’s coming and I’ve only just begun! I’m thinking I’ll make placemats with this…they’ll go nicely in our kitchen 🙂

Not perfect, but pretty…


I also made a ‘shed stick’ (or so I’m calling it, lol) with knife edges to open the shed and to push down the weft as I weave. It’s hard to see but I sanded it just like the shuttle for the edge and it’s just a little longer than the working area of my loom so I can use it for any project. I MAY end up making it into a dual purpose item by adding open areas so I can also use it as a longer shuttle. We’ll see 🙂