Who Knew?

I finished up the second mitten this morning and learned something I had no idea about!

I’m a knitter who has learned from books and by reading on the internet I’ve learned so much more BUT I had no idea that floating a colour on the bottom vs the top of the main colour had such a BIG effect on the results!

I’ve learned that I like to float the pattern colour on the bottom and let the main colour be on top. It makes the pattern colour so much more prominent!

These are the fronts – you can’t quite see the difference, or at least not as well…


And the backs…LOL…where you can surely see the difference!!!


The one on the right…I like that one 🙂 It has the coloured floats held to the bottom. The one on the left? Not so much. Black is the prominent colour and the brights are almost lost. They are staying as is though…a learning experience and I’m not big on ‘re-dos’.

The moral of the story? Writing down your float orientation IS useful IF you tend to pick up and put down projects or (gasp!) get sidetracked.

Lesson learned 🙂

Pretty Mittens


I’ve started knitting another pair of mittens (more for Christmas!). I’m using knitpicks ‘palette’ in assorted colours, from my stash. They’re turning out really pretty 🙂 I’m hoping I don’t run short of the black. I definitely need to get myself a bunch more…I love having the palette around for all kinds of colour work and felting. It’s great to have all the colours to choose from! Maybe Santa will bring me some more…

New Wool…

I haven’t been buying a lot of new wool lately.

I’m trying to knit from my – quite considerable – stash yarns. I mean, I don’t have 16 bins or anything but I have more than a trunk full and yarn isn’t happy until somebody plays with it! Some of my yarn is red heart acrylic gifted to me and so is destined to sit FOREVER or until I’m in the mood to knit something it suits. I used some of it to make my Christmas Tree Skirt, for example. I’m seriously considering giving some or most of it to the local second hand shop. They support World Vision, so a worthy cause 🙂

The ‘nicer’ yarns have been going into my recent felting frenzy…especially the Knitpicks palette sampler yarns. So much so that last night I went to the Knitpicks site to see what the sampler is offered for, ONLY TO DISCOVER that they don’t offer the sampler anymore?!! Ok, I realize I can order the same thing, ball by ball, for a similar price BUT why not offer the complete range of colour as a set? Just doesn’t make sense to me. Really, not at all. The sampler pack was one of the best purchases I’ve made in all time – best value and so much fun having all the colours.

My latest find, yarn-wise, is Bernat Felting Natural Wool

New Iris;


It’s a bulky weight, 84 yards/75 grams. I think it would be fantastic for felting (Aren’t I a genius, since the label SAYS felting?) or for winter hats/scarves/mittens. The colours are quite nice and the price is right – $3.99/ball at Zellers (yes, Zellers). Not sure what they price it at but I’m sure Michaels carries it as well.

I’m thinking I’ll keep picking up a ball or two a week and hoard it until I’m sure what to make with it. The only way to keep the stash healthy is to feed it, lol.

Ahh, almost forgot. I found the BEST site for felting patterns. It’s at the KnittyChick site ( and seems to have an excellent list of links to free felting patterns. If you’re interested in felting or looking for more patterns, check it out!

My son is sans sisters these days…the girls are all galivanting with friends. We bought him a really nice set of k’nex so he has something to work on. (Yes, ok, it was at the Zellers, lol — the toys are 30% off right now!!) He’s a really good boy and doesn’t have a lot to do this summer because we so recently moved here. It’s great to see him busy and smiling 🙂

His first creation…


Off to knitting! Have a great day 🙂

A New Project…

I’ve found another pattern I *need* to knit.


Pretty huh?

It makes me want to design something geometrical, something of my own…! Another perfect use for the palette sampler pack I’ve been knitting down. I couldn’t sleep last night, between the wicked thunderstorm, my son’s nightmare, the daschund crying(because of said wicked thunderstorm) and the ideas crowding my brain. Why do all good ideas seem to come at about midnight?

Another find…the Knit On The Net E-zine. Really, HOW did I not hear about this before now — issue #6?!

They offer free patterns, interesting articles, a blog (haven’t checked that out yet), AND (drumroll) they offer a knitters graph paper generator which you can set to your gauge, amongst other things! I’ve yet to read the whole thing but I recommend it to anyone knitterly 🙂

I’m beginning to feel knitters guilt. I look at my wip page on ravelry and it’s like TWO ROWS or so. I haven’t touched the medallion sweater in about a week, nor the apres surf hoodie, NOR my son’s cabled sweater! I keep telling myself it’s ok to play — it’s summer! Pretty soon though — unless I want to stress myself right out — I’ll be getting back to the sweaters. A fair goal is finishing them before fall 🙂

And spinning, I LOVE spinning yet my wheel is sitting dusty while I explore all the OTHER things I love. Soon, dusty baby, soon.

My garden is growing beautifully, especially considering it’s growing on the front steps, in pots on the deck!


I water frequently (these are the plants I started as seeds in the house this spring) and also fertilize frequently with a vegetable safe fertilizer. I’ve even started to get tomatoes! Some of the tomato flowers are rotting off though – not sure why, maybe too much water? Too much something, I’m sure.


Yay For Quick Knits And Felt!

Another vase…

I used multi-stranded palette and mystery blended roving to make this larger version. I’m planning to fancy it up with some needle felting once it’s dry 🙂 This vase (and the earlier one) are loosely based on the Felted Needle Vase pattern. I varied the number of stitches to begin with as well as adding extra stitches to play with size increases.


Those booties…fulled (but maybe not enough yet!)


I didn’t put anything into the wash with the felting items, for friction, so I’m thinking these need another go — I can still see the stitches.

A simple bag…based on the Little Coco Bag pattern, modified in a few ways. My yarn was Patons Classic Merino in a denimish blue mixed with some mystery wool in a natural shade. Am planning to decorate the blue band area with some felt.


The latest…A pair of felted slippers a la Keep Away Felted Slippers by Karen Harper. The pattern is available free on that most excellent site – RAVELRY!

I used some stash yarns…one skein of SWS stripes in Natural Earth, one in Natural Geranium. I have some of the Earth left, none of the very beautiful geranium 🙂 I’ll have more pictures once they are fulled and felted.


I’m really, REALLY (did I say really?) enjoying this fulling/felting at the moment 🙂 It’s causing my add to act up in all kinds of ways, lol!

Double Knit!

I’m making ‘We Call Them Pirates’ for my husband, for our anniversary. Probably a funny gift but he doesn’t ‘do’ knits normally and WILL wear a hat in the winter – he works outside. Being Mr. I-Dont-Need-Anything, this should be a good gift!


I’m substituting Knitpicks ‘palette’ in orange and grey and doing it as a double knit on a larger needle. It seems I’m getting correct guage…we’ll see, lol. This is the first time I’ve knitted anything double knit and I’m in love with the whole concept right now! Very cool way to use up a lot of the palette colours I have…I’ve envisioning hats and mittens and scarves (and days that last 38 hours!). You could do a lot of very cool stuff with this double knit thing 🙂

I found an excellent tutorial here, on how to cast on and cast off. The only thing it took me a minute to grasp was moving the yarns out of the way, keeping them on their ‘own’ sides of the work so the sides remain seperate until yarns are crossed.

It’s going to be a marathon effort today…I highly doubt I can finish before tomorrow, BUT, here’s to trying!