A Little Creative Idea…


I’m trying to design a felted bag. I was inspired by a pattern I really like but cannot afford. It got me thinking that I could do a similar thing, simply by figuring out the proportions and graphing a design. The graphing was easy. The proportions are a little more challenging! LOL.

I know that theoretically, the pieces will shrink by 1/4 width-wise and 1/3 length-wise. In THEORY.

I should end up with about 9″ x 15″ (bottom) and about 12-13″ tall. Should. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Here is a picture of the knitted piece, before felting…


I’m constructing it of two equal panels joined at the centre sides. I’m planning to needle felt it and then sew it together and line it with the sewing machine.


I used Bernat Felting Natual Wool (chunky weight) – 3 balls of the pink/natural, 1 ball of the blue, 1 ball of the darker pink – some of the coned spinrite granite (doubled as it’s worsted weight) – some of the coned burgundy spinrite wool – and some handspun green/blue blend which I hardly spun at all and did not set the twist in, at all.

So far the bag has cost me 14 dollars! 🙂 The one I was lusting after would cost $400 or so I’ve heard from those that have priced the supplies as called for in the pattern. A little rich for my wallet, lol.

As I type, it’s felting in the washer. I’m a little worried about the different rate of felting for the different wools. If worst comes to worst, I can always cut and then adjust the pattern as I need to once the felting forms a solid fabric…or that’s what I’m thinking, anyways 🙂

Wish me luck!

Happy, Happy, Happy…I Think!


Isn’t it beautiful?!

So, the knitting is done and the bag is felting as I type. I’m a little scared. I took a peek at it mid-shrink and it seems to be getting narrower but NOT shorter!

Yikes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed (and secretly plotting a cut-and-sew if it doesn’t conform).

I may need some air, or to sit a while…


I actually took this picture this morning, as the first light hit the house…I really LOVE dawn…everything looks so awesome!

Keeping my fingers crossed…wish me luck 🙂

A New Project…

I’ve found another pattern I *need* to knit.


Pretty huh?

It makes me want to design something geometrical, something of my own…! Another perfect use for the palette sampler pack I’ve been knitting down. I couldn’t sleep last night, between the wicked thunderstorm, my son’s nightmare, the daschund crying(because of said wicked thunderstorm) and the ideas crowding my brain. Why do all good ideas seem to come at about midnight?

Another find…the Knit On The Net E-zine. Really, HOW did I not hear about this before now — issue #6?!

They offer free patterns, interesting articles, a blog (haven’t checked that out yet), AND (drumroll) they offer a knitters graph paper generator which you can set to your gauge, amongst other things! I’ve yet to read the whole thing but I recommend it to anyone knitterly 🙂

I’m beginning to feel knitters guilt. I look at my wip page on ravelry and it’s like TWO ROWS or so. I haven’t touched the medallion sweater in about a week, nor the apres surf hoodie, NOR my son’s cabled sweater! I keep telling myself it’s ok to play — it’s summer! Pretty soon though — unless I want to stress myself right out — I’ll be getting back to the sweaters. A fair goal is finishing them before fall 🙂

And spinning, I LOVE spinning yet my wheel is sitting dusty while I explore all the OTHER things I love. Soon, dusty baby, soon.

My garden is growing beautifully, especially considering it’s growing on the front steps, in pots on the deck!


I water frequently (these are the plants I started as seeds in the house this spring) and also fertilize frequently with a vegetable safe fertilizer. I’ve even started to get tomatoes! Some of the tomato flowers are rotting off though – not sure why, maybe too much water? Too much something, I’m sure.