Fantastic Day!

Spent the day outside yesterday…it was so nice out! I raked and bagged the leaves in our new yard and wow! what a job!!


Although the prior tenants SAY they kept up with it, I got 26 lawn and leaf bags full of leaves and rotten leaves. That is so far…without getting the last bit off the lawn. It is so bad that most of the grass we could see before raking was the grass that was there…everything under them was dead. Not sure how long but grass doesn’t die that fast…I’ve killed a lot of grass in my time 😉 Quite a coincidence I’m sure but the dead sections are all under large trees…hmmmm…how odd – considering it was ‘kept up with’ as the little girl came over to offer me this info yesterday, ashamed I’m sure at the state of things.


The good thing is…Our lawn looks GREAT now…the grass can grow and I’m about to uncover the gardens. They have great potential but have also been let go. The landlord mentioned the poor state of the lawn and gardens when we rented and told me I can do whatever I wish with the garden! I plan to place my veggies in amongst the flowers and shrubs around the house. I think the soil looks really good – unlike our house in the city where it was all back filled and not very good for growing stuff.

The kids, yesterday, suggested that I take a ‘before’ picture and now I wish I had but since I didn’t….here’s a bit of a picture of the side yard (taken from the front porch this morning lol)


and the boys..taking out the dogs…


Getting ready for fall….

I’ve had quite a week. I have all the kids home again…my son was away most of the summer at his grandparents house, which is a farm…now he wants to live on a farm 🙂 I wouldn’t mind it either, but not the time for us. When the kids are older, when the girls are in college, maybe then.

I’ve got a mountain of school supplies to buy yet, and shoes. Doesn’t every child need twelve pairs?

I’ve been nesting and I can’t figure out why. Reminds me of being pregnant. Continue reading


This is a picture of our front yard, mid-landscape…half-way-ish…

I wanted to have something to compare with the finished yard so I took this before I did the garden around the tree. THAT took three days! Lots of digging and lots of soil amending to do there. See the big rock in the centre? That will have our street number and name sandblasted on it, hopefully.

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Another Living Pond Picture

You can see the fish in this one… I’ve even got algae growing on the rock now that I have the waterfall working properly 🙂

I buried the hose for it behind the waterfall rock and under a series of rock…along with the cords. I have to keep it running very very slowly though or I lose water to the garden…it seems to run under the rock and back. Now that I’ve put a lot more rock underneath and fixed the flow, it’s run well for a week, so here’s hoping it stays that way!

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The Living Pond

I am so happy with the digital camera! I’ve realized (yeah, I’m slow) that I can crop the pictures and get the most amazing close-ups. So fun! I took a bunch of pictures last night just to crop, to play.

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Getting Stuff Done…

So, it’s been bugging me lately that I had so many things half done, or almost done…basically I’m bugged by the ‘not done’ part! I’ve managed to finish the Thermal sweater from Knitty (pictures to follow soon) and the Selbuvotter gloves are finished (last night). Ok, so that leaves me with the Frost Flowers and Leaves edging to complete. Not too bad. I feel so much more organized with fewer things on the go. My son’s gansey has yet to be ripped out and redone, but since that has to be started completely over, it isn’t *really* half done!

I have to get back outside and work on the yard today. It’s garbage day tomorrow and I ran out of those recycle bags….there is a pile of sod I dug up waiting to be shaken and put into bags. Not fun. I want it done though, if it rains on the pile, I’m scared it will become impossible or really, really, really hard!

Housework seems to be in a holding pattern, lol, hasn’t become any messier or any cleaner over the last few days….though I should likely be carpet cleaning. I swear the dogs have ‘called’ different things to wreck around here…the little one has definitely called the carpets! I had every stain out just a few weeks ago, and want to keep it that way. At this point, the Daisy dog is winning.

My Spot

This is my favorite spot to sit, and a better picture of the pond 🙂

See the smallish flat rock which is lower than the others? That’s the one where I like to sit…so peaceful!

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