Weaving Loom Restoration!

Good morning!

blue icelandic hand dye

Ok – so I’m back, officially, and we’re all moved into our new home 🙂 We found a lovely house in Orillia, all the wheels are settled in but I can’t really find all the ‘bits’ of everything I was working on when we packed up to move. What is it about moving that seems to kill any train of thought one has going on?! The bits shall surely reveal themselves as soon as I stop worrying about them.

I’ve got a few things on the go anyways…of course 🙂 I’ve decided I *must* fix up this old weaving loom. It’s time for a restoration!

As I recieved it….


The loom was given to me – I posted about it HERE at the time – oh, AND HERE. If *anyone* knows what those pullies on the sides are for, I would LOVE to know! 🙂 I’m working on cleaning up the reed and the heddles, first of all. Then I plan to find/make lease sticks and a warping board (or even those little boards you can clamp to the table would work).

I used mineral oil and sandpaper to clean the reed…lots and lots of sandpaper lol. I settled on the 100 grit medium – the paper seems to hold up and the sand itself seems gritty enough to do a good job. 150 grit wore out way too fast and the 60 grit was overkill. I cut the sandpaper into strips and worked in each dent, from one end and then from the other end – in order to sand every surface. I used a mineral oil dampened paper towel to wipe away the tarnish/rust as I removed it.

It’s coming out pretty well! These pictures show the difference between the clean and dirty sections….

close up

orillia 017

Hopefully very soon I shall have a completely clean reed to show you! And then to the heddles 🙂