Drop Stitch Scarf

Maggie’s Scarf came out beautiful! I used up all the amoroso and it’s about 45″ long.


I think I need to start a Christmas page to keep track of what for whom — lol, many a year I find gifts I’ve had put away which are still ‘away’ because I forgot them!

Winter’s On It’s Way…

The geese are flying, the leaves are beginning to turn and the nights are getting COLD!

Winter seems to be around the corner, here in Ontario. I’ve decided to concentrate on gifts and warm woolies now – with carpets and such as a bit of relief at the end of the day 🙂

I’ve completed a set for my son. It’s a matching scarf/hat set made with my Silverlights Handspun superwash merino (rovings purchased at The Black Lamb in Port Hope), using the ‘Rainy Day Scarf’ pattern for the scarf and a variation of that stitch in my hat pattern.

What do you think?



Now I’m working on a Drop Stitch Scarf for my daughter, using the leftovers from a sweater project last year – the Amoroso Malabrigo worsted. I have about a ball and a half left over so I’m really keeping my fingers crossed. In my perfect world I’d have enough left to make the hat as well.

I’m quite nervous waiting for an appointment I have coming up with a surgeon. I’ve got some sort of cyst (yes-think cyst) problem going on and have already had an ultrasound. In about a week and a half I’ll have a better idea what the actual problem is.

Keeping myself busy is the best I can do.

Cosy Coat!

Good Morning 🙂

Here is a rare picture of me – usually I take most of the pictures so I’m not in many!  Seaming the Hedgerow Coat…


I am wearing the beautiful coat as we speak…it’s so soft and comfy…ANOTHER favorite sweater 🙂

The Pattern:  Hedgerow Coat by Deborah Newton

The Yarn:  Malabrigo merino worsted in the colour ‘Amoroso’

The Source:  Pattern found in Interweave Knits Fall 2007

The Size:  Smallest size

The Changes:  None

Here’s a picture of it last night…


I used just less than 9 skeins of the Malabrigo…216 yards per skein.  That means I have an extra skein for the headband!! 

My mom got a really nice, half done sweater, at the second hand store she works at.  It is intarsia, acrylic (but nice acrylic)…done in dk weight and all the yarn, pattern, needles, ‘keep track’ chart — everything is there.  Soooo…my next effort will be to finishing the sweater for my mom.  The sleeves are done and part of the front so not a HUGE job.

Have a great day… I’ll be the lady cuddling in the new sweater 🙂

Knitting Needles and Some News

First of all…the needles…LOL…


These aren’t all of them…I’ve got a bunch of dpns that I haven’t unearthed since moving here.  They are in with all my sock stuff.  I’ve definitely collected more than I need!

On to the news 🙂

The good news is that I’m almost done the Hedgerow Coat! 

I’m going with the ‘almost’ because I’m starting the second sleeve today.  There is more knitting on one of those sleeves than it looks!  Then I just have to knit the bands and the collar.  I can’t wait to wear it!  It’s such a nice long design I didn’t worry about length at all.

I made one modification to the pattern, on the sleeve where you do the ‘decrease row’ just before the ‘set up’ row.  The pattern says; (RS – of CUFF not sleeve) Work 7 (x,x,x) sts in rib, pm, work center 53 sts in rib and dec 13 sts evenly spaced, pm work 7 (x,x,x) sts in rib. 

– I am making the small so the first number is what I was working with –

What I changed was the ‘work center 53 sts in rib and dec 13 sts evenly spaced’.  I worked the 53 sts as an extra set up row I guess…as an ‘extra’ row 1 of the chart…I found it easier to decrease the sts nicely and it looks good.  I ripped it back three times before I found what I thought looked best.

Since this is the RS CUFF row it is a WRONG SIDE SLEEVE row so I had to remember to work the sts as on the WS chart rows.

I then worked the set up row as the pattern states, making sure to reverse the ribbing before and after the markers.  It will look like p2,k3,p2…etc.  It needs to become k2,p3,k2…etc.  LOL, I forgot this at first and again ripped back. 🙂 

Oh yes, the bad news…

The bad news is that Little Knits is sold out of the wool I was lusting after.  Probably just as well.  I know there’s tons of beautiful wools out there…you win some you lose some and they may get more in stock by the time I’m prepared to buy it 🙂

Simple Things…

Good morning 🙂

I’ve been missing a day here and there in the blog but I don’t always have anything to say!   We have a pretty simple life around here 🙂  Kids, dogs, cooking, knitting…

Mr. Luke has had his operation and is doing really well.  He’s much calmer already.  His little friend in the picture is Daisy the Daschund.


The Hedgrow Coat is coming along…I’ve just started the first sleeve and hope to finish and be starting the second sleeve by tomorrow.  I did an ‘oops’ and – get this – bound off BOTH front sides a whole cable repeat early.  LOL…it looked SO wrong right away that I saw it as soon as I laid out the pieces.  That’s all fixed up now.  The Malabrigo is excellent for pulling out and picking up the stitches again.  I usually hate it but with this wool it’s easy to do.  Small Blessings.


Have a great day!

A Little Problem…

I think I have a wool problem, lol. 

I’m loving this right now….


I think it would be beautiful in a lacy cardigan for spring.  Thing is, lol, I have to find a pattern I like.  I’m going to look through the old magazines I have and see what I see. 

I’m torn between the teals and the wine shades…

I’ve never ordered from Littleknits but I’ve always heard good things. 

Here’s to new yarns and shopping adventures!

In other news…

The Hedgerow Coat is about 50% done…I’ve finished the back, left front, most of the right front (am about to shape the armholes).  That leaves the sleeves, seaming, front edging and the collar.  I’m on the 5th ball of yarn.

If I have enough left over I’m going to make this beautiful headband from Drops.  I think it would be great in the Malabrigo.

I figure I need to finish the Crazy Cabin Blanket…It’s functional as is — and being used — but I would like to finish and attach those last blocks.  Right now it’s about 60″ square…I wanted it 80″ square and the final blocks are all almost done.

So…after the Coat, I’ll work on the Blanket, then it’s the headband! 🙂

Have a great day 🙂

Starting The Front


I am almost done the first half of the front!  Just about to start the fourth ball of yarn.  I’m hoping I have enough left over to make something…I over-order because there is nothing worse than running out midway!

I’m thinking about the fastening options.  The original has a leather belt and looks nice but not what I want.  I’m thinking maybe some of those frog clips?  I don’t think that I’d want to sew them on directly though — it will stretch and pull on the knitting.  Maybe I can sew a little leather patch on under each?  It would stabilize the fabric I think.

I’ll have to have a look see next time I’m at the notions store.  🙂

Have a great day!