And then there were two….

I’ve finished the mirasol socks I started 🙂   Another addition to the Christmas pile!

And then there were two!

Now I’m going to try a pair of gloves…not sure if they will be fingerless or not.  I’m using a nice cable/lace pattern I found on the internet (love that, don’t you?).  It is really nice though I’m not certain how it will work out in the gloves.  We’ll soon see 🙂

The Mirasol Socks

Good morning 🙂

So, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon….I’ve ordered three of the new harmony wood circulars from knitpicks.  They look so nice, I’ve heard excellent reviews so far AND they are considerably cheaper than the same size needles from anywhere else I’ve looked.  I needed three…2mm, 2.5mm and 3 mm as well as a set of 3mm dpns (got the plated ones though) for my upcoming planned project…the Autumn Rose Pullover from Simply Shetland Four.  I mentioned a while back that I had ordered the book from a local supplier.  It has ended up backordered but whenever it comes in I am planning to go and get it and the wool for it…hopefully next week! 

I started the second mirasol glove…I’m at the point where I’ve taken the thumb stitches aside so it’s almost done…THEN I couldn’t help myself and started a Mirasol sock.  I’m making up my own pattern for this…you may use it if you like 🙂   Mirasol Sock Pattern

I’m using a lacy pattern on the instep, ribbing on the sole (for better fit) and a twisted rib.  I really like how they look so far!  I ended up needing another skein of this yarn (started off with one, needed two) so I visited my lys yesterday to get another.  It was awesome!  I wore my new sweater and my lady at the lys was so impressed!  She says I do excellent work…made me feel like a million 🙂  Ooooh, and she said I should work there…which is a scary proposition (imagine the stash then!).  Actually, I would probably love working there…so I left that open and told her my kids are growing and I may want to soon:)  She’s asked me to bring in some of my gloves and other work next time for her to see.  So that’s one part of yesterday which was awesome, imo.

I ended up buying some more of the Hacho in purples…..

More Mirasol

Finished First Mirasol Glove :)

Here’s a picture of the first glove, all done….  Mirasol Glove

 And a look at the inside….Mirasol Glove - Inside Look

I would change a couple things with this pattern.  What I do is knit and then take notes, after each row, as I go.  I find it difficult to write it all out and then knit it.  I have no clue how others figure out their designs, but that’s my way.  With these, I would hold the kroy doubled in the cuff, to make it more fitted.  Also, I would have picked up a couple more stitches in the pinky and next-to-pinky fingers (I caught on and started doing that after those two).  They are a little snug.  But, in the interest of not frogging, because I hate that!, I am going to make the second glove as this first one.  They may be a little imperfect, but at least they will match 🙂

Yay, I’m Back!

Hello 🙂

I’ve been offline for about a day, and I hated it!  SOMEONE forgot to pay the bill on time.  ‘Nuff said.

 Nothing like losing your communications tools to learn how much you really really love/need/want them!  To think when I was starting out and my kids were little, I went without a phone voluntarily and didn’t even mind.

I just HAD to do something with the Mirasol Hacho that I bought, so I started a pair of gloves…

My 'no no' gloves

The pattern is my own and I’m calling them the ‘no no’ gloves because I did the big NO NO and mixed Patons kroy (fingering weight) with the Mirasol (light worsted, dk weight).  It was what I had that worked, colour wise.  They came out pretty nicely…or at least the first one did 🙂 

 The Hacho is beautiful and soft as can be.  I would love to make a sweater with it someday.  Another thing on my ‘want’ list.  Very nice, rich and vibrant colours.  I wonder if it will bleed much when washed…hoping not!

Check this out!

So, my sock isn’t done yet.  Yesterday turned into a lot of cookie baking and grocery shopping, not so much knitting.  My book isn’t here either BUT check out this beautiful wool!……..


It’s Mirasol Hacho, 100% peruvian hand dyed wool and I couldn’t help myself.  The skeins are only 137 yards and I had to try two colours because it’s impossible to choose!  I think I’m going to try it in gloves.