Felting Slippers For Christmas


I was totally inspired by a really popular pattern on ravelry’s pattern list. Built like a shoe, looking like a slipper. So. I looked very carefully at all of my daughters ballet flat type shoes. I tried to wing it. It came out not-so-good, lol. I used version one to see what needed to change in version two and decided the top heavy peanut of the sole probably had to change to a proper foot shaped sole. I also elongated the heel and made it meet in a ‘v’ with the body of the slipper, raised up the back of the heel from what I originally thought it should be and added a couple more sts into the toe.






Two washes in the front loader, with tennis balls, on heavy duty cycle and they came out looking like the shape of a foot. No stretching or fighting – just the perfect shape. I was thrilled 🙂 Now I have to make everyone a pair for Christmas!

The needle felting was an extra touch, to pretty them up a little more than they are 🙂

So Far…

The blanket – so far…


The rug – so far…


The felted bag – so far…


It seems that I’m on a whole ‘hearts and flowers’ kick, lol. I guess I am 🙂

The same thing in three different crafts is kind of interesting.

I got sick of my hair the other day so I let my girls (17 and 14) cut it. Perhaps a brave move but they did a fine job. Now I have a long bob type style and I like it much better. This was their first try at hair cutting, lol, they were nervous too. It was almost to the small of my back but the ends were very dry so it feels much nicer now. They did it in thin layers, starting at the nape of the neck, making each layer slightly longer than the last.

My husband is taking the kids to some car racing today so I may work on the crochet some more – it’s the closest to being done. Yeah, that and the laundry that seems to have doubled since yesterday…kids are mysterious creatures with the power of neverending laundry 🙂

Have a great day 🙂

Learning Experience…

My pieces have felted and I’ve learned a thing or two…


You do lose more than a third of the height of a knitted piece, or, more accurately, I do! I think it may be ok, but it’s not the size I wanted. A really good reason to try again 🙂

The granite did bubble a little because it felted a little more slowly. I should have decreased a few stitches when I began knitting the top band. Live and learn 🙂 I think it will be ok once I add a binding to the top and line it…we’ll see…

The bottom (entirely granite) is, perhaps, larger than I would like. This is something I won’t really know until the bag is pieced together. I could always run it through the wash once more to reduce it a little.

I’m needle felting outlines, to accent the pattern…

Just beginning,


The bag that inspired me uses the same yarns as accents but I like the contrast created by using different shades and colours…

I’m using felting roving purchased at that fabulous place, The Black Lamb…


Mother’s Day Was Wonderful!

We had an excellent day!

frank 088

frank 073

I wasn’t sure how my day would be…but it was great. We ended up taking a road trip to the Black Lamb in Port Hope with the kids…the two little ones at least. My daughter found the perfect ‘glacier’ colour roving for a future sweater and I bought a bunch (yes a bunch!) of rovings in various spring colours, mainly, and some in black/grey/white tones as well. I’ll be taking some pictures later on today 🙂 The rovings I bought are all mill ends (reduce, reuse, recycle!) and were super affordable…a really great deal. I love the shop too…Laurie is really nice and it’s a pleasure to visit her.

My son was enamored of the needle felting he watched Laurie work on while we were there and so has gotten started (with a quick lesson from Laurie — see she’s great!) on his own project. He’s so excited he wanted me to wake him up at five am this morning so he could work on it!



He’s making a monkey 🙂

I can’t wait to see it!