Mystery Pullies….

I’m trying to figure out what these pullies are on my weaving loom. Hopefully these pictures help explain what I mean 🙂

There are these brackets on either side…


Leading up to three pulleys…


The pulleys and the brackets/slots are on either side and I have no clue what they are for! It seems if you ran rope through them, and though the pulleys it would travel over the center pulleys which are attached to the heddle frames.


Excellent :)

I’m really happy…we’ve gotten this baby all clean and *I THINK* working!  Being that I’ve never woven anything on it yet or tried, I’m not sure.

I had to retie the pedels to the lams, had NO idea how they are really supposed to be…was working with only four of the six heddles…SO I tied two to each, in an even fashion.  I also waxed the grooves, adjusted one with a shim (the wood had ‘moved’ over into the next space).

I was short two of the metal rods, so I bought rod in length at the hardware store and cut it with a hacksaw to make two more.  I’m still missing the two wooden sticks and I need to figure out a shuttle of some sort.


Check out the rust when we started!!



A bit of a ‘before and after’.  The pulleys are beautiful brass and cleaned up so nicely.


The reed is worrisome…look at that rust!  I think I got all of it out.  The reed says ‘nilus leclerc’ 27 inch 15 dent.  I’m happy so say, assuming the height is the same, I should be able to buy more reeds if I need to or want to.