I’ve been working on a new pattern – for stranded mittens – for my daughter for Christmas. The pattern was inspired by a really beautiful yarn. It has everything stranded mittens need (in my opinion of course!) – great colour, fingering weight, a bit of ‘grab’, superwash and wool. For what more could I ask?


I’ve paired it with Paton’s ‘kroy’ sock 4 ply in black – to give it a chance to do it’s colourful thing. Oh yes – the yarn – it’s Marks and Kattens ‘Fame Trend’ in the colourway ‘party’. I found it at the Knit and Quilt in Barrie a week or two ago. Beautiful! I will definitely be back for more!

I’ve finished the pattern and have knitted the first mitten. I’ve posted the pdf pattern, if you’d like to use it –

The pattern;

My mitten (unblocked)…



Please let me know how it works out for you!
Have a great day πŸ™‚

The BIG News!

Yay and wow and happy dances!!

I’m going to be a grandma!

I was shocked too πŸ™‚

My daughter is expecting in April and we’re all very happy for her. Best of all, she is very happy too. I’m going nuts picking out good adorable baby patterns – and there are lots out there!

So far…

The ‘Ribbed Baby Jacket’ by Debbie Bliss, in Shire Silk from my stash;


‘One Strand Booties’ by Carole Barenys in some Kroy Sock;


I was working on some other knitting, before the BIG news arrived. I had almost finished a cardigan for myself, using some Bouquet Vogue acrylic yarn. Its the ‘Rib and Cable Cardigan’ by Irina Poludnenko (available in the Vogue Knitting, Fall 2009 magazine). Another great knit from the stash! This yarn was given to me a while ago and is, I believe, discontinued.




It is, so far, unfinished….needing seaming and the button bands knitted on. I hope to finish this soon and wear it this fall πŸ™‚

I also started some Christmas knitting (remember, I knew nothing of the BIG news!)

Kaleidoscope by Lisa Donald, using scraps of acrylics from the stash with a few balls of a tencel/acrylic blend. The tencel seems to really soften it up.


A really easy and fun crochet pattern – I highly recommend it!

Ok – off with me…I have a million tiny socks to knit!

Finished First Mirasol Glove :)

Here’s a picture of the first glove, all done….Β  Mirasol Glove

Β And a look at the inside….Mirasol Glove - Inside Look

I would change a couple things with this pattern.Β  What I do is knit and then take notes, after each row, as I go.Β  I find it difficult to write it all out and then knit it.Β  I have no clue how others figure out their designs, but that’s my way.Β  With these, I would hold the kroy doubled in the cuff, to make it more fitted.Β  Also, I would have picked up a couple more stitches in the pinky and next-to-pinky fingers (I caught on and started doing that after those two).Β  They are a little snug.Β  But, in the interest of not frogging, because I hate that!, I am going to make the second glove as this first one.Β  They may be a little imperfect, but at least they will match πŸ™‚

Selbuvotter Mittens!

These are a pair of the mittens from the Selbuvotter book. The pattern is Annemor #16 and I’m using Patons kroy as the solid, Austermann step as the contrast.

I really like the pattern on the inside of the hand. I was careful to cast on in pattern and pick up for the thumb in pattern as well. I am happy with the result, you can barely see the join πŸ™‚

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Here is my first glove from ‘Selbuvotter, Biography of a Knitting Tradition’ by Terri Shea’.

The pattern is “Annemor #15” with some variation on the one finger (made the longest one longer)

I am using Patons ‘kroy’ as my solid and Austermann ‘step’ as my pattern colour. I love how the colour shifts in the pattern using this wool. I have another ball in blues which I plan to use the same way. With four kids and a dh who spends his days outside, I can never have enough winter gear here!

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Some Beautiful Yarn

This is my Austermann Step I was craving… the browns will be with the Kroy, I think, in a pair of stranded gloves and the blues will make nice socks for myself or one of the kids πŸ™‚

You have to wonder about some people… I purchased these from my LYS and was in there two days last week…one day to buy the browns, two days later to buy the blues…dealt with the same lady…it is a VERY small and not very busy location…and she didn’t even act like she knew me, recognized me or anything of the sort….I was not very impressed and felt extremely low on their priority list. This is one of the reasons people are just as happy or happier shopping online…in my opinion.

The sweater I was working on in the acrylic (purchased the week prior from the same aforementioned LYS) for my son…the gansey…is TOO SMALL. Well, I suppose not quite yet, but it would fit him for about two weeks so I’m pulling it back out. I guess I should go about half way between the first two sizes for width and maybe go with the large for length in body and sleeves. The kid is bigger than he looks. I think maybe I should measure one of the shirts which fit him nicely rather than measuring the child, lol.

My ‘thermal’ in the elann ‘sock it to me collection’ sock yarn is coming along nicely. I think it will fit πŸ˜€ I have to finish the second sleeve and the neck line…should be taking a picture soon!

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Good Morning πŸ™‚

Sunday morning and cold as CAN BE here for July. Not that I’m complaining…I’m not really fond of the million degree weather we normally endure. Alright, an exaggeration…but you know.

I bought my Step that I’ve been craving. In TWO colours…cause I was short of wool. LOL. I have a beautiful ball in blues and another beautiful ball in browns. I think the blues will be socks and the browns will be gloves. Of course, that could change πŸ™‚