This is a picture of our front yard, mid-landscape…half-way-ish…

I wanted to have something to compare with the finished yard so I took this before I did the garden around the tree. THAT took three days! Lots of digging and lots of soil amending to do there. See the big rock in the centre? That will have our street number and name sandblasted on it, hopefully.

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Another Living Pond Picture

You can see the fish in this one… I’ve even got algae growing on the rock now that I have the waterfall working properly 🙂

I buried the hose for it behind the waterfall rock and under a series of rock…along with the cords. I have to keep it running very very slowly though or I lose water to the garden…it seems to run under the rock and back. Now that I’ve put a lot more rock underneath and fixed the flow, it’s run well for a week, so here’s hoping it stays that way!

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The Living Pond

I am so happy with the digital camera! I’ve realized (yeah, I’m slow) that I can crop the pictures and get the most amazing close-ups. So fun! I took a bunch of pictures last night just to crop, to play.

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My Spot

This is my favorite spot to sit, and a better picture of the pond 🙂

See the smallish flat rock which is lower than the others? That’s the one where I like to sit…so peaceful!

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Have to Start Knitting Outside!

Hopefully these pictures will show what I’ve been up to! I WISH I had a before picture to show you how much we have done.

It was the basic subdivision yard with a narrow concrete walkway and a small wooden deck….no gardens around the house except for the one beside the garage (the one I have still to rip out and redo…pictures in future!)

The overall effect is really peaceful and calm…..I’m keeping the gardens sparse and simple to keep this feeling. I love sitting out there so much that I think I may have to take up knitting outside on the rock!Posted by Picasa