Our New Shihtzu Puppy!

Good morning!  I have the CUTEST little guy to introduce today – his name is Charlie and he is a nine week old shih tzu puppy.


He’s from a local family and is so well adjusted and has settled in with barely a squeak.  Yes – he squeaks instead of making more likely ‘dog’ noises at this point.  I’m sure he’s going to have lots to say once his voice comes in!

For a little bit of perspective on his size…


His toys are mostly cat, lol – a small beanie stuffed with catnip, a few of those balls with the bells inside and a bunny rattle which the bunny never liked but Charlie thinks is awesome lol.

He even managed the steps up to the deck.  Next?  Learning how to go down stairs….

Have an excellent day 🙂

Presenting Noah!


Isn’t he beautiful?!

He’s 3/4 Border Collie, 1/4 Yellow Labrador, 7 weeks old and absolutely SWEET! Ok, we didn’t really NEED a new dog but he’s irresistable. 🙂

He’s going to get me out of the house more, from what I understand about the breed they need lots of ‘work’ (play) and lots of activity. Good for both of us!

Ok, off to walk…he’s terrified of the sidewalk so far but yesterday learned a lot about walking on the leash…