I’m Hooked!

Another portrait to show today…and I do apologize, since it was done on the 16th, but I’ve been so busy with the NEXT project in the row!

My parents in law…a picture from 45 years ago…


Not bad, considering that I accidentally made the pattern with seven shades of colour rather than the 8 I planned on!

I’ve found out that choosing the ‘right’ picture means choosing one with good contrast between the subject(s) and the background. Too much of a similar tone results in a lot of ‘blend’ between subject and background, like in the Luke portrait which I did first.

I’ve learned that I’m likely going about pattern making the super slow way, since I use photoshop and a good old pencil and paper to create a pattern – along with hours of work. I looked at the ‘knitpro’ site and though it looks like it makes things easier, I’m just so comfortable with my ‘hands on’ approach. I believe, for now, that I’ll stick with it since I like the results and I (at least now) can spare the time.

I’ve been wondering about the whole ‘pulling through the ends’ thing that I’ve seen people who are working on these patterns mention. I’ve always been taught to place an end where you want it BEFORE you move on which eliminates all that pulling through business.

Like this;
-you are working on the wrong side and are ready to change colours-


-I attach the new colour with a slip knot-



-pull the slip knot tightly down to where it meets your work and cut the original colour and tie a square knot to fasten-




-now, pull the knot to the back and hold it, down and out of the way while you work the first stitch. The knot will be held by the first full stitch and you won’t have to pull through ends, anymore!-





I have my own (possibly used by many others though!) way of dealing with the frog pond. I’ll take some pictures of that and talk about it in the next post! I’ve found a way to waste very little wool and very little time when mistakes happen. And, inevitably – they do! ūüôā

Have a great day ūüôā

Oh Happy Day!

Yay, my tree skirt is finished!


I’m pretty happy with it…and happy to be finished it!¬† LOL, large projects always feel like they are taking forever, no matter whether they really are or not.¬† Those last few rows felt like a marathon!

You can’t quite see some of the tone on tone colourwork I did to prevent having to use plain blocks of colour.¬† I thought it makes it more interesting looking.

Basically I cast on 144 sts (12 panels of 12 sts) and increased (12 sts – one in each section) twice over six rows until I was to 118 rows.¬† You could continue it as far as you liked though.¬† For the colour pattern, I use graph paper and graph out one section only, as I go…more than once I had to add in more paper because I changed my mind, lol.


Those last 30 rows…

I’m plugging away at the Christmas tree skirt.¬† Almost there, but the rows are getting SO LONG.¬† I’m on row 86, the pattern I was originally looking at (and took the basics from) had 118 rows.¬† We’ll see how big it looks as it goes but I think I’ll stop at about the same point.¬†

I didn’t even let myself go to the mail today, LOL, because I’m expecting that wool and getting new wool is NOT conducive to finishing this project!

Right now I’ve got about a million (ok, really it’s 50)¬†strands of yarn going at once.¬† I better get back to it!


This May Be a Record!

Well, this may be¬†my fastest frog ever!¬† I got almost halfway done the first quarter panel of the tree skirt and realized I don’t really like it very much.¬†


I’ve frogged it and cast back on for an improvised skirt.¬† I’m using the basics (the cast on number of sts and the increases) from the pattern and I’m going to design my own ‘insides’.¬† I like the holly leaves/berry so I’ll include those.¬† I’m going to do the entire skirt at once rather than make it in quarters.¬† I realize this means my needles will be very full by the end, lol, but hopefully it works out ok!¬†¬†



So, Now Halloween is over and it’s time to focus on CHRISTMAS!!

I’ve finished a scarf for my nephew, tried to finish a matching hat…lol…didn’t¬†swatch and designed it myself so¬†it turned out baby sized and will be going to Christmas Cheer.¬†¬† I’m sticking to the same idea and adding 20 sts to¬†the next one.¬† They are hats using the ‘my so called scarf’ stitch, modified to work in the round.¬†¬†

Because I’m frustrated by the non-fitting hat, I’ve put that aside for now and have cast on the¬†‘floral tree skirt’ from Handknit Holidays.¬† The pattern is by Michelle Rose Orne (which I just noticed) and she is the same¬†designer that¬†designed the composed mitts as it turns out!¬† I’m using stash yarn, mostly red heart….LOL, I added my stash to ravelry and I now feel obligated to find stash busting projects.¬† It seems I have a little wool problem!

Must go knit and de-Halloween this house, lol (the kids have decorated everything in sight).  Have a great day!