Getting Ready :)


Christmas has crept up faster than ever and I didn’t nearly finish all the things I wanted to make people this year! I only have two hands, I keep reassuring myself!


I’m working on one last minute scarf, still, and then THATS IT. REALLY.

It’s a star stitch scarf using some red heart ‘comfort prints’ that I had in the stash. It’ll be as long as I can make it between baking gingerbread and peppermint sandwich cookies with the kids. Oh – and topping up the shortbread supply, of course.


Then I’m going to work on my Green Gables Hoodie in powder blue…


Doesn’t it look COZY?

Today – I bake and knit and clean…and last minute shop, of course. Food is always nice, lol.

Tomorrow – We do gingerbread houses with the cousins and have a nice day with my mom and brother – I’m making a mini Christmas dinner too, turkey and all without quite as much variation in the side dishes. It’ll be delicious. I roast a fine turkey if I do say so myself!

Christmas – I think I’ll drink 😉 Oh, and watch the kids open their presents (which I am SO pleased with this year – we really did well with a little, there were so many sales) Then it’s dinner with family (which I don’t have to cook!) and visiting for the rest of the day.

Merry Christmas, Happy Baking!

Elf Business…


This is ‘Fern Glade’ from the new Knitty by Megan Marshall. It was a beautiful knit – fun to make and fairly quick too! I used two strands of Jaggerspun lace weight in boysenberry and columbine. It’s in my projects on ravelry.

I’ve also been working on some TOP SECRET elf business, whenever the kid’s aren’t home. Can’t show you yet – in case they decide to read the blog (unlikely but you know). They are beautiful and I’ll post pics on Christmas!

I’ve started playing around, trying to design a scarf – not worth sharing yet but I’ll let you know – maybe I’ll have something to take a picture of by this evening 🙂

We’re having an entirely homemade Christmas this year, by the looks of it. Later this weekend I’m planning to put it all in one place and see where I’m at. For sure I’m behind a few pairs of those felted ribby slippers!

Right now I’m totally supposed to be baking a birthday cake! Chocolate, in the shape of a football and iced accordingly, lol. My little guy is now 11 — they grow up quickly 🙂

Have a great day 🙂 I’ll be the lady in the kitchen, desperately knitting and baking chocolate cake!

A Couple Christmas Scarves


This is the ‘Stolen Moments Wrap’ by Amy Swenson, a free pattern that I found on ravelry. I used moda dea ‘cache’ in serengeti – a nice mix of naturals with a little gold thread to spice it up. I loved the pattern, it was easy, quick and beautiful. Perfect for a Christmas gift.


This is the ‘Buttonhole Scarf’ by Sande Prosser – pattern #37 in the Vogue Knitting Fall 2008 issue. I LOVE how it looks woven and I chose this yarn because the colour seems to suit the pattern perfectly. It’s sport weight so I went down to a 4 mm needle and the scarf will be narrower than the pattern lists. I think this will be for one of the boys – unless I think it too ‘girly’ – in that event there are plenty of girls to choose from! 🙂

I’ll be the lady knitting Christmas presents like a maniac while watching Christmas movies with the kids all day…


So, I’m sure we’ve all done it. Bought that beautiful yarn – that ‘must have’ – and then discovered that it’s not so easy finding the ideal use for it.

My most glaring example are the ten balls of Plymouth Shire Silk in sea green in my stash. Had to have them. Love the feel. The texture. The nubbiness.

Yet every single thing I’ve tried to knit with them has been frogged.

I’ve had them for two years now! A sweater’s worth of silk without a purpose.

Silk is warm, strong, resists mold and mildew while being very absorbant and is VERY lightweight. So…I’m trying it in a scarf…


It’s working out beautifully! Sure, I won’t have enough left for most sweaters but at this point I’m just really happy to find a use for it. Not sure it’ll do for a matching hat – we’ll see…

A Quick Knit Lace Scarf


I had an inspiration this weekend so, of course!, I had to try it out…this scarf was inspired by a stitch I saw and liked. The best part? It’s completely done by knitting and working yo’s which are then dropped on the following row! Really pretty, really simple, really satisfying 🙂 I think it would be a great project for any knitter.

The pattern is in my pages, if you’d like to make it 🙂

Fabulous Cables!

So, it SNOWED here last night — it even stuck to the ground!!


I’ve been working on a beautiful cabled scarf using some olive green superwash merino which I spun on my baby (the Kromski wheel) earlier this year. I was planning to use if for the ‘bella’ pattern but I think it’s a little thicker than I’d like. I seem to spin a heavier-than-I’d-like worsted. Oh well 🙂 The yarn is working out nicely on 5 mm needles for the Beaumonde Scarf by Smariek knits. What an excellent pattern maker she is! I love this scarf and most of her other patterns as well 🙂

Definitely have a look – I think you’ll love her patterns too…