Our New Shihtzu Puppy!

Good morning!  I have the CUTEST little guy to introduce today – his name is Charlie and he is a nine week old shih tzu puppy.


He’s from a local family and is so well adjusted and has settled in with barely a squeak.  Yes – he squeaks instead of making more likely ‘dog’ noises at this point.  I’m sure he’s going to have lots to say once his voice comes in!

For a little bit of perspective on his size…


His toys are mostly cat, lol – a small beanie stuffed with catnip, a few of those balls with the bells inside and a bunny rattle which the bunny never liked but Charlie thinks is awesome lol.

He even managed the steps up to the deck.  Next?  Learning how to go down stairs….

Have an excellent day 🙂


What I Did Today :)

Yes, sidetracked, AGAIN! I made a beautiful doggie blanket style dog sweater for our shitzu, Dora…


She loves it!



It was a simple pattern, based on one I found on the Drops site (102-40). I used various wools and a seed stitch pattern with striping. I did not have the correct needles for the pattern so I used what I had and modified the pattern, stitch wise, while following the basic form as they had it. I depended on the dog’s measurements to decide the width and the length.


I love how it buttons on and has no legs. And, of course!, how it knits up in one day 🙂 Now I suppose I need another two…one for the daschund and one for the basset…

What Would You Do…

If someone gave this to you?


It’s beautiful hand-spun…I’m not sure how much of each. 

My mom found it at her second hand store..(Loving that store!)

I want to use it for something special…it’s unique and begging to be something special. 

I have a pattern in mind for my next sweater.  It’s the modern lace henley by Pam Allen.  It calls for a sport weight yarn but I’m craving some beautiful fingering weight yarn.  I wonder if I could get away with using a heavier fingering weight and a slightly larger needle?  The lace would end up looser but I wonder if it might work?  I’m planning to make it longer in the body with long sleeves and a more delicate ribbing.  Shall have to see how it goes 🙂  I can always adjust the pattern for my yarn/gauge if need be.

Some ever cute dog pictures;

Miss Daisy warming up by the fire…


Daisy and Dora…


3 Things I love, 3 Things I Hate

Hi…yeah, I’m behind 🙂 

Ok, three things I hate…(we’ll get the negative out of the way first!)

Bills…guess we all hate these!100_0089          

Smoking…and I smoke  100_0087

and Fun Fur yarn…I’m going to have to knit myself a cat one of these days!


Three things I love…This shawl (which isn’t finished yet) from A Gathering Of Lace….


This guy…. (and the kids though I haven’t posted them, lol)


 And these exhausted dogs (as you can see we work them too hard)….


Dora Dora The Beautiful Dog

This is our newest family member, Miss Dora Dora (named after the word aDORAble). I have a major puppy/dog/pet/living thing weakness! She is very well behaved and fitting in with the other two really well so far. She was very well socialized and is almost house trained though she is only 8 weeks old right now. I found her a puppy salon last week! We got her her first hair cut (around the eyes – other than that I’m good with the ‘mini sheepdog’ look ) and she was good there too 🙂

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