Autumn Rose is Finished!


Pattern:  Autumn Rose Pullover by Eunny Jang

Simply Shetland 4

Smallest size using 14 balls of Shetland Spindrift as called for in the pattern

Modifications:  I added a complete pattern repeat into the waist section

It’s Going To Be A BUSY Day :)

Good morning, Happy Friday 🙂


I’m so Happy!!  I have completed the scary cutting of the steeks on the Autumn Rose and it went beautifully 🙂  Look how pretty.  These are my first steeks!  I used the instructions given in Eunny’s crocheted steeks tutorial and they are awesome 🙂

The Wool Gods do love me as it turns out….I had just enough of the yarn to finish the sweater even with the modifications I made.  I have yet to complete the neckband and I have a plan for that (as I’m running quite low on ‘sunrise’)…I’m going to run bands of colour…two in peat, two in sunrise, two in madder, two in sunrise, two in peat, using the background ‘old gold’ and ‘bracken’ for the purls.  I highly doubt anyone who hasn’t knit it or read the pattern will ever see that there even is a modification! 

I am enjoying this coffee…and I better…as soon as I am done, I have to start preparing for the kids’ halloween party this afternoon.  I’m making a spider cake with green guts…awesome stuff for the 9 and 10 year old set!  I have to get jelling my jello though and baking or we’re in trouble!  I couldn’t see making a cake and filling it with jello and then storing it over night even….I pictured bad things happening so I’m making it fresh today.  I did buy the canned frosting (cheating yes) so that step will be so quick. 

Another thing on my list….filling and hanging the pinata…(oh yeah, and adding legs and eyes to him so he looks spider-ish.  The pinata has worked out well so far and I just hope he can take more than one whack!  LOL  I think the first kid to try is going to break that open!

For ME…I’d really be happy if I can finish Autumn Rose and wear it but I have a feeling time will be short today even though it is only ten rows to finished.  Oh, and the lovely end weaving…I was doing it periodically as I went but haven’t caught up in a while, lol.

Have a fantastic day! 🙂

Happy Friday! :)

I love Fridays.  Even though I am a stay at home mom, I feel like all the pressure is off come Friday.  Makes no sense, but that’s how I feel 🙂  Me and the kids do the ‘yay friday’ cheer together…lol.

On this Friday, I have to clean my house.  Somehow autumn rose isn’t helping lately, lol.  I’ve been so knitting obsessed with it that I’ve been slacking a little, I admit.  My youngest daughter did a wonderful job yesterday on the upstairs…the least I can do is the downstairs!

Autumn Rose is coming along nicely…all ready to add the sleeves and begin the yoke…I’ve just started the first sleeve and I’m praying to the wool gods that I have enough to finish it without buying more.  I’m thinking about faking it if possible…there is no rule that says the colours MUST be where they are on the chart if I run short in the neckline for instance.  We’ll see.  Stay with me wool gods.


I was browsing this morning for information on knitting socks on two circulars and I found this tutorial.  Awesome and easy from the looks of it.  Check it out if you have any interest in learning this (if you are one of the few like me who haven’t yet!)…it is very clear and easy to follow 🙂

Getting There :)


I’m happy and stressed out over this sweater! 

I added the extra repeat in the waist section and started my increases a few rows earlier to ‘re place’ the waist a little lower than it is on the original chart (pattern wise).

I’m running low-ish on some of the yarn colours already and now I’m fretting about the neckline. 

Knitting wise, the pattern is beautiful and the fair isle is coming out excellently if I do say so myself.  I’m really happy I’m making it and I’m going to focus on that…the positive!

A Few Days…

Yes, I’ve been away from this computer for a few days.  I got my Autumn Rose pattern book and the yarn…so I’ve been knitting!!  I’m so happy with it so far 🙂  The yarn (shetland spindrift) seems very scratchy at first, but it works up beautifully in the fair isle.  Holds the stitches sort of like velcro.  Very hard to ‘un knit’ though!!  LOL.  Found that out the hard way after making a 2oo+ stitch mistake!


Here’s the thing though, I don’t know for sure what to do regarding length!  The pattern says it is 22 1/4 inches in length.  I have to make the small size to fit me ‘around’ and yet I’m 5 foot 7 so I usually add length to sweaters.  The length, as is, will be short-ish compared to what I normally like.  So the decision has to be made soon.  I figure to add in the extra pattern repeat in the waist (most narrow) area. (because of the yoke patterning, I need to add in a full repeat in order to keep the pattern constant — or I considered making the coloured bands between the medalions wider through the waist area…that could work too)  Then there is the wool thing.  I’ve already spent an arm and a leg on this sweater…adding the extra rep could add another 20 dollars or so.  I won’t know until I get near the end though so I need to knit fast or my dye lot may not be waiting when I realize what I need!

Then there is the option of leaving the pattern as is.   I may just do that, but my fear is not loving the finished length after going to the work of knitting this.  It isn’t like a usual sweater where I’m ok with the idea of frogging and re-knitting! 

I’m way, way behind on the blogstalking posts…four and five I believe I need to post yet.  And my ravelry invite came!!!  That will take some time to set up…now I can see what everyone was saying when they said to be prepared. 

My ravelry name is knitsnthings.

Off to knit….have a great day! 🙂

The Mirasol Socks

Good morning 🙂

So, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon….I’ve ordered three of the new harmony wood circulars from knitpicks.  They look so nice, I’ve heard excellent reviews so far AND they are considerably cheaper than the same size needles from anywhere else I’ve looked.  I needed three…2mm, 2.5mm and 3 mm as well as a set of 3mm dpns (got the plated ones though) for my upcoming planned project…the Autumn Rose Pullover from Simply Shetland Four.  I mentioned a while back that I had ordered the book from a local supplier.  It has ended up backordered but whenever it comes in I am planning to go and get it and the wool for it…hopefully next week! 

I started the second mirasol glove…I’m at the point where I’ve taken the thumb stitches aside so it’s almost done…THEN I couldn’t help myself and started a Mirasol sock.  I’m making up my own pattern for this…you may use it if you like 🙂   Mirasol Sock Pattern

I’m using a lacy pattern on the instep, ribbing on the sole (for better fit) and a twisted rib.  I really like how they look so far!  I ended up needing another skein of this yarn (started off with one, needed two) so I visited my lys yesterday to get another.  It was awesome!  I wore my new sweater and my lady at the lys was so impressed!  She says I do excellent work…made me feel like a million 🙂  Ooooh, and she said I should work there…which is a scary proposition (imagine the stash then!).  Actually, I would probably love working there…so I left that open and told her my kids are growing and I may want to soon:)  She’s asked me to bring in some of my gloves and other work next time for her to see.  So that’s one part of yesterday which was awesome, imo.

I ended up buying some more of the Hacho in purples…..

More Mirasol

Practicing Patience

Happy Sunday 🙂

I am planning to work on my second sock today…I’ve cast on and am at the end of the toe so it should be done by tonight, I hope.  I am ‘practicing patience’ because I’m fretting about a book I ordered more than a week ago.  From a place not more than an hour away from me.  I’m sure it’s fine, but I like to recieve things QUICKLY.  Patience with mailmen isn’t my strong point.  It’s the Simply Shetland 4 pattern book.  I want it for the Autumn Rose pullover.  That is georgeous!  Also saw a few mens/boys sweaters in there I like.  Guess it’s not vital that I get it right away, considering the lady at the shop said that they don’t have the ‘old gold’ colour in at all and won’t for a couple weeks.  I guess the sweater is too popular or maybe there is another problem?  I’m to call here in a couple weeks and check if she has all the yarn in.  I was thinking about subbing another yarn but then my excellent generous husband offered to buy me the genuine yarn!  YAY 🙂  I  could always knit one of the other many, many projects to be I have waiting around here, LOL.  Shhhh, don’t tell the excellent husband anything like that!