The Snowdrift Sweater!




Check it out 🙂

I had this idea in my head for a while and finally felt like spending the time to make it. It’s seamless (my favorite) and bottom up. I didn’t use any exact ‘method’ to shape the sleeve caps — unless ‘guess-as-you-go’ is a method, lol. A little bit of raglan shaping, a little bit of set in sleeve shaping and a few short rows to make it all work. Not bad, if I do say so myself. It’s my very first sweater design 🙂

The slippers were driving me nuts!! You can really only knit about 18 pairs before you want to run screaming down the street. You may have guessed, I’ll be putting off the rest of my slipper-test-knitting until after Christmas (…if then, the way I feel right now). The slipper pattern itself seems to be excellent but I’m trying to test knit every size in different wools for a true pattern test. I’d hate to say that something works if I haven’t tested it myself.

Happy knitting! 🙂

Hello Winter!


The icicles are great knitting inspiration! Seems we can’t warm up fast enough this week — winter’s come so early this year!

I’m working on some felted Ribby Slipper Socks (from the holiday IK) using some mystery wool. I needed to give my hands a break after knitting the first of the floral mittens — I find it works best for me if I break up working on things using fine yarns with chunkier yarns. Saves my hands from the ‘I-can’t-grip’ syndrome.


I suppose another alternative would be to take a break (what is a break?) but I’m not even sure I know how anymore, lol.

The socks are done except for the cuffs — I’m felting them (or trying to) in the sink to hopefully avoid over-felting (not a satisfying experience – been there, done that) in the washer. I HOPE they turn out nice! The pattern doesn’t call for felting so I’m winging that part. I’m going to do the cuffs in superwash after the feet are dry — maybe, depending on the final fabric, I’ll needle felt them too.

Up next – finishing the mittens. Next next? Sewing the quilt. May the Christmas elves be with me! LOL. Happy crafting 🙂

-31 is COLD

We woke up this morning to temperatures of -31c (-23f) and it’s cold!  I took this picture from inside the house 🙂


Jack Frost came to visit!

Have a great day 🙂

I LOVE It Here :)

Today, not much knitting — We went out on the snowmobile instead!  We stayed on the farm but it’s acres and acres…from one concession road to the next.  Here are some pictures…


It’s about -20 or so with the wind today but we were warm as can be…only one thing…I need real boots!


The trees look awesome don’t they?  I love how the sun shines through.



A Little Snow…

Um yeah….I’m not sure if we will be getting this table out, any time soon….


Hopefully the trampoline base!  We do want to take that.  The chairs should come easily enough.  It would figure that a huge storm would come just as I need to clean out the yard!

This is the TREE….(please ignore any similarities to any Christmas tree of mine you may see later on during Christmas 🙂 )