Happy Birthday To Me :)

I’m surrounded by beautiful things this birthday 🙂  My birthday order came just in time!


Beautiful blue faced leicester from Sakina Needles at


Superwash merino, also from The Loopy Ewe/Sakina Needles.


The very beautiful Araucania Ranco Multy.  So soft!  Really really nice wool.

I’m STILL waiting for my babies (the puppies).  Miss Daisy is nesting almost constantly now….

I’ll post pictures as soon as they are born!  I told her if she’s faking I’m trading her for a spinning wheel 😉


My spinning is getting better…I’ve finished my second try at wool and am pretty happy with the results 🙂  I have about 148 yards of ‘sockish’ weight wool.

As I plyed it…. 


I don’t have a niddy noddy either, lol, so I skeined it around this bulletin board…exactly 50 inches (I counted the rounds before I washed it to determine length) and smooth framed so nothing caught on the yarn and I could pull the skein off without a problem 🙂