Getting Ready :)


Christmas has crept up faster than ever and I didn’t nearly finish all the things I wanted to make people this year! I only have two hands, I keep reassuring myself!


I’m working on one last minute scarf, still, and then THATS IT. REALLY.

It’s a star stitch scarf using some red heart ‘comfort prints’ that I had in the stash. It’ll be as long as I can make it between baking gingerbread and peppermint sandwich cookies with the kids. Oh – and topping up the shortbread supply, of course.


Then I’m going to work on my Green Gables Hoodie in powder blue…


Doesn’t it look COZY?

Today – I bake and knit and clean…and last minute shop, of course. Food is always nice, lol.

Tomorrow – We do gingerbread houses with the cousins and have a nice day with my mom and brother – I’m making a mini Christmas dinner too, turkey and all without quite as much variation in the side dishes. It’ll be delicious. I roast a fine turkey if I do say so myself!

Christmas – I think I’ll drink 😉 Oh, and watch the kids open their presents (which I am SO pleased with this year – we really did well with a little, there were so many sales) Then it’s dinner with family (which I don’t have to cook!) and visiting for the rest of the day.

Merry Christmas, Happy Baking!