Mastectomy Is A Shocking Word

Good morning!

Happy to say I’ve had my surgery and I’m OK. It went very well, I thought. Though, when I saw the word ‘Partial Mastectomy‘ on my paperwork, it sent me for a loop.

What a word.

They ended up taking more tissue than expected…as it turned out there was an infection and more than one cyst. They took the ducts too.

I’m all bandaged up with clear tape and am pleasantly surprised that, so far, I’m not in any pain, at all. I’m taking antibiotics for the infection, for a week. Have a pain killer prescription as well but haven’t had to fill it, at least not yet.

I’m sleeping a lot. Dreaming a lot. Knitting a lot. Kind of emotional. I wonder if it’s normal to be a little hormonal after something like this?

Then again, what is this ‘normal’?

I hope this is the end of it. May the infection clear and the healing go easy.

Thanks for your support, Samm and Joansie. I appreciated it, a lot!


I’m having surgery.

And I’m freaking out, somewhat.

I’ve never had surgery, well, not since I had my wisdom teeth removed about 20 years ago. I distinctly remember that, at the time, it meant nothing to me and I didn’t yet have the intelligence to even worry about it! LOL. How things change. To still be twenty and know everything. See why children do the crazy things?

I have to have a cyst removed…quick, easy – they say. They’re also removing part of my breast, around the cyst, to help prevent reoccurance. I’ve been dreaming dreams of hideous deformity for days…not fun, not fun at all. I know it’s just fear talking. I know once it heals there should only be a little ‘dimple’ (isn’t that a nice way to put it?) that you can see on the outside.

Wish me luck, and courage, please.

I think I’ve been obsessing on my new project because it lets me forget to focus on tomorrow.



And there is the fact that I’m turning 40 the end of this month. Forty…truly just a number so why is it bothering me? I look younger than I am and I’m certainly not the most ‘mature’, lol. I just feel like time has snuck up on me.