A One Day Project

As it turns out, the brown hand spun wasn’t really brown at all.  I was restless last night so I wound some of the skeins.  Check it out! 


I had about 100 yards (guessing by the size of the ball, lol) so I made the Drops Headband.  I have just enough left over to accent some mittens 🙂  The cream handspun has some soft fibre in it…alpaca or something like that…very nice I think for gloves or mittens to go with this.  That’s the plan anyways.  I SHOULD be knitting the sweater for my mom…I have a habit of getting sidetracked.

Here’s a picture of the finished headband…



-31 is COLD

We woke up this morning to temperatures of -31c (-23f) and it’s cold!  I took this picture from inside the house 🙂


Jack Frost came to visit!

Have a great day 🙂

I LOVE It Here :)

Today, not much knitting — We went out on the snowmobile instead!  We stayed on the farm but it’s acres and acres…from one concession road to the next.  Here are some pictures…


It’s about -20 or so with the wind today but we were warm as can be…only one thing…I need real boots!


The trees look awesome don’t they?  I love how the sun shines through.



Ok, Couldn’t Help IT…Started the Coat!


I was restless yesterday…wanted to start something new even though I have the blanket to finish AND the carpet AND the socks AND the shawl.  Yeah.  LOL.  I managed to work on the blanket squares for a while first and they are getting there.  Another day of work to finish the blanket I predict.  And I will finish the carpet.  Later.

I tried spinning with a drop spindle yesterday, for the first time.  The fleece hates me, to begin with…I suspect the spindle may hate me too!  Anyways, not the most successful attempt but I could see improvement happening quickly.  Makes me truly appreciate a beautiful hand spun skein of yarn!!  LOL.  Definitely worth paying for! 🙂

The Malabrigo I’m using for the Hedgerow Coat is so buttery soft!  Georgeous stuff.  I will definitely look at making more things for myself out of it.  This is my first time knitting with it 🙂

It’s super cold out today….Husband cannot work, they have an ‘extreme cold’ warning on.  Yet they say it will warm up a lot by the end of the week?  We’ll see.

Off to knit a beautiful coat….


The View!


The yard

It’s awesome to be surrounded by space…pictures of the other views to follow!  On a side note…dial up sucks…took me about an hour to load those two pictures 🙂

A Little Snow…

Um yeah….I’m not sure if we will be getting this table out, any time soon….


Hopefully the trampoline base!  We do want to take that.  The chairs should come easily enough.  It would figure that a huge storm would come just as I need to clean out the yard!

This is the TREE….(please ignore any similarities to any Christmas tree of mine you may see later on during Christmas 🙂 )


Finished Christmas Gift :)

I have a little nephew, Matty , who loves anything I knit for him.  I gave him the knitted gansey sweater I made a while back.  I’ve made him a scarf and hat (for Christmas) out of the leftovers from that project…


The yarn is James C. Brett Marble (dk weight).  I used the ‘my so called scarf’ pattern for the scarf and an improvised 2×2 rib hat (cast on 100 sts, size 6 mm circular needle/dpns).  I think he will love them…