Mirasol Sock Pattern

Mirasol socks - my pattern

Ladies Medium Size (My feet are size eight)

Mirasol ‘hacho’ – 2 skeins #304

3 1/4 mm dpns


  • Using Eastern Cast On method, cast on 8 sts
  • Increase as follows; (needles 1 and 2 – sole) m1 (make one), knit to last stitch, m1 , (needle 3-instep) increase as for sole.  You will increase 4 sts each increase row.
  • Increase four sts as described, EACH row to 32 sts
  • Increase four sts EVERY OTHER row to 52 sts


Lace Pattern as follows;        

 x = knit, o = yarn over, ^ = slip one, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over, rt = right twist (knit two together and WITHOUT dropping sts, knit into first stitch again, drop stitches)

Instep Pattern; (worked over 27 sts, increase one in centre of first row)

                    xxx [xxx xxx] (repeat) end –> xxxxxx

                    rt x [o^o xxx] (repeat) end –> o^o x rt

                    xxx [xxx xxx] (repeat) end –> xxxxxx

                    rt x [xxx o^o] (repeat) end –> xxx x rt  

Sole Pattern; (worked over 25 sts, decrease one in the centre of the first row)

The sole is worked as (k1, p1) repeat, end k1

  • Work instep and sole patterns at the same time, for length desired (Mine measure 7″ at this point – they stretch to fit – try them on as you go)


  • Begin working short row heel, decrease to 7 stitches between wraps.  Work second half of heel until all stitches have been worked.

First half of heel;

  • row 1; (rs) knit across to the last heel st (do not work the last st), then turn the work around.  There will be 1 st unworked.
  • row2; (ws) yo backward, purl to the last st, leaving 1 st unworked at this end of the needle.
  • row3; (rs)  yo as usual and knit to the paired sts made by the yo of the previous row (the yo will stick out to the side of unworked st), leaving 3 sts on the left needle (i.e., do not knit the pair), turn,
  • row4; (ws) yo backward and purl to the paried sts made by the yo of the previous row – 3 sts left unworked on left needle

repeat rows 3 and 4 until there are 7 sts left between yo’s and then begin the second half as follows;

row1; (rs) wrap and knit to the first st of the pair (yo and knit st), k1, correct the mount of the yo, k2tog (the yo with the first st of the next pair) leaving a yo as the first stitch on the left needle

  • row2; (ws) yo backward, purl to the paired stitch made by the yo of the previous row, purl the first st of the pair, ssp (the yo with the first st of the next pair leaving a yo as the first st on the left needle)
  • row3;(rs) yo as usual, knit to the paired st made by the yo of the previous row, knit the first st of the pair (the following two loops are yo’s), correct the mount of the yo’s, k3tog (the two yo’s with the next st), turn
  • row4;(ws) yo backward, purl to the next yo, sssp (slip 3 sts knitwise and purl tbl) (the two yo’s with the first st of the next pair)
  • row5; (rs) yo, knit to the next yo, k3 tog, turn

Repeat rows 4 and 5 until all sts are worked.  Wrap sts as usual after turning on final row. (these sts will be knitted together with the first instep sts on each side to prevent holes)


  • Work lace pattern as for instep around ankle for four rows.  I increased one stitch at the end of the first row to make the count work. 
  • Work twisted ribbing as follows until first skein is used up or the sock is as long as you want it.  Change to bigger needles as needed to shape.
  • row 1: (rt, p) repeat around
  • row 2: (k2, p)repeat around
  • end with row 1
  • Bind off loosely in rib



3 thoughts on “Mirasol Sock Pattern

  1. I love your pattern. I do have a question about the lace instep pattern instruction. I’m not really understanding how to work the xxx {xxx xxx} to end xxxxxx Is a stitch worked between the xxx and xxx in brackets? Or is the entire row just knitted? I see a space between xxx and x rt in the 4th row also. Can you clarify the meaning of the spaces between stitches for me, please?



    • Hi again (ran into extra time this morning)…

      So, yes, the xxx row, even though there are spaces, is entirely knitted. I tried to separate the stitches into groups that make sense so the “xxx” is separated from the “x rt” by a space in order to keep the stitches in groups of three.

      Please ignore any spaces, knitting wise 🙂

      I tend to memorize my patterns so the groupings just made sense to me.

      I`m so glad you are enjoying my pattern….Happy Knitting!

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