A Fantastic New Craft – My Freeform Crocheted Carpet Project

Freeform Carpet

It all started when I was sorting my wool the other day. I love how a bunch of wool can create a whole chain of thought and inspiration!



I’ve got tons of textured yarns which I’ve accumulated over the years and lots of basic acrylics that I use for blankets and toys. I had the idea to create an area rug for my son with various textured yarns held double with a strand of the base acrylics (worsted weight) in all the shades of beige that I had in my stash. The flat/untufted areas are base acrylic held with a strand of cone cotton and strand of cone rayon with a golden sparkle to it – each about fingering weight or less. It compliments the sparkle in the main ‘bling bling’ yarn I’ve used for texture. It’s the multicolour found in all the circles – pictures just don’t do it justice.



I had so much fun with this I’m planning to invest in some rug yarns to try to make a more durable/long lasting rug. This one is tightly crocheted and seems strong but it is just blanket strength acrylic I’ve used so I can’t wait to see what I can create with real rug wool and my tufted texture yarns! It will take away the machine wash option though if I decide to go with wool rug yarn (and I’m leaning to that option – seeing a guy with a factory full of partial cones which he needs to clear out later on today and there are a few different materials to choose from).

We all knew I needed a new hobby, seeing as I have nothing to do lol 🙂

Oh wow, almost forgot to post this pic…


It’s my new Polonaise! Yes, finally, I have been blessed with the one wheel I’ve wanted forever-since-I-thought-of-spinning!! A totally excellent early Christmas present 🙂


She spins like a dream and is just beautiful. The lady I purchased her from was excellent and her husband was even kind enough to deliver the wheel.

And a very cute grandson pic…he loves to jump!



7 thoughts on “A Fantastic New Craft – My Freeform Crocheted Carpet Project

  1. I love that rug!! Is a crocheted rug durable enough to maybe make as a centerpiece area rug? Like under a table in the living room? Do you have a backing under it? You now have me wanting to make one for my living room, bathroom, kitchen….lol SHAME ON YOU! lol

    • I think it could definitely work as a centerpiece rug! You just want to crochet as tightly as comfortably possible and to use as durable a wool/yarn as possible as a base. I use anything interesting in the tufty sections. I did double crochet in the tufts and used half double crochet for the flat sections – it ends up looking very ‘basket woven’. Increase/deacrease whenever necessary to follow your shaping and to keep it laying flat. I worked every row independantly after making the cirles. Basically that leaves lots of ends on the edges but adds to durability because if anything were to wear out it only affects its own row. I also worked it sitting on it,on the floor, lol and that helped me keep it flat. I think it would do well to be backed in some sort of carpet backing fabric but I have to go explore the hardware store to see what would work!

      I agree though, they are fantastic! I’m starting another ASAP 🙂

  2. Hmm….well, I’ve just recently learned that “basket weave” crochet stitch, which I’m currently making dishclothes with, I wonder if that stitch would work with some good durable yarn. I might give it a go myself. Thanks again for showing this, I’ts a fabulous idea!

    • Your work is so beautiful!! Love, love, love the rug 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing it with me – I plan to take a much closer look when I have a little bit of time 🙂

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