Chunky Knit Reversible Cable Scarf Pattern

I improvised this pattern to work with some Bernat ‘Harmony’ in beautiful gemstone colours…

Because it is a k1,p1 pattern the scarf is exactly the same on both sides – I love a reversible scarf!


Yarn; 2 skeins ‘Harmony’ (one if you are using the solids – there is more yardage per – a rough estimate is about 150 yards)
Needles; size 15/ 10 mm
Large double pointed needle or cable needle

Guage; N/A

Basic Row – Slip one knitwise, (k1,p1) repeat, end knit 1

C1 (cable row 1) – Slip one knitwise, (k1,p1) 4 times, (hold next four sts to front with cable needle, (k1,p1) 2 times, (k1,p1) 2 times from cable needle) = c8f, (k1,p1) 4 times, knit one

C2 (cable row 2) – Slip one knitwise, c8f, (k1,p1) 4 times, c8f, knit one

—-Version One——–


Cast on 26 sts.

Work 5 rows of Basic Row
Work C1
Work 5 rows of Basic Row
Work C2

Repeat as desired, ending 5 rows after last C1 (for a balanced scarf)

—-Version Two——-wider cables for a wider scarf——-

Requires 2 balls of chunky yarn (depending on yardage)

Cast on 38 sts.

Work 5 rows of Basic Row
Work C1 (modified as follows; c12f replaces c8f; c12f {place 6 sts on cable needle and hold in front, (k1,p1) 3 times, (k1,p1) 3 times from cable needle})
Work 5 rows of Basic Row
Work C2 (modified as follows; c12f replaces c8f)

Repeat to desired length


You could also modify this pattern by;

-adding more cables (add stitches in groups of 8 or 12, depending on which version you are adding to)

-making the cables even narrower (say blocks of 4 or 6) and adding extra cable groups for width (I think this might look very nice in a lighter weight yarn)


Improvised by knitsnthings –

Enjoy the pattern! May you be cozy all winter 🙂


9 thoughts on “Chunky Knit Reversible Cable Scarf Pattern

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    • Thank you 🙂 I’ve been working on the blog for a while and didn’t have anyone help me 🙂

    • I think that because C2 is on the opposite side of the scarf from C1, you’re still cabling front. If you look at the piece from the side that C1 is, it is like C2 is cabling to the back.

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