Archive | November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween :)

My son’s costume this year was very cool…and scaaaaary, of course! 🙂



In other news…

My blanket is coming along nicely, knitted mostly from the stash.  It’s about 50 x 50 inches so far!  I’m using a simple, short row spiral pattern that I found free on the net – I’ll post pictures and a link to the pattern as soon as I’m done.  It’s another one for the Christmas pile. 

A good thing too…it’s a transition time for us – my husband, bless him, had a feeling things at work were not going so well and he was absolutely right — the boss is now just about bankrupt AND without any work at all.  Thankfully my husband is good at this kind of thing and isn’t skipping a beat – he’s got a new job beginning monday.  The nice part is we get to spend TWO whole days together this weekend, lol.  The not so nice is we were ripped off for a few hundred dollars when the guy up and changed the way my husband was paid last week WITHOUT even talking to him (I’m pretty sure it’s illegal) and changed him from salary to hourly – meaning we’re a little short but we’ll be fine with a bit of juggling.  S’ok, he owes my husband quite a large amount of holiday pay (almost two years worth – thankfully we have every pay stub) so that should help us once it is paid – here’s hoping that’s reasonably soon.  We sort of think it’s going to take the labour board to help get him to do that.

It all makes me want to knit us up a whole Christmas – which I quite possibly could, lol.  I’ve got quite a lot in the stash and I feel it’s a great time to cut back where I can and use the things we’ve stored up over time.  Our kids are old enough and have enough that they already know that I want to focus less on presents and they are fine with it – my one daughter is in total support and old enough to understand my opinion that ‘stuff’ makes us weak – that ‘stuff’ is not the important part – that ‘stuff’ is mostly just a waste of money and the time spent making the money.