A Beautiful Day!

It’s so mild and sunny and clear and SPRING like! Ok, I know it’s not really spring…lol…in a few days I’m sure we’ll be buried in a pile of snow again, no doubt.

My daughter says it’s ‘stunning’ outside. I think I agree.

We’ve had such a wind storm over the past day or so that most of the snow is melted and the rivers are FULL to flooding.

I’ve fallen into ‘me’ knitting, since the Christmas rush is over. Thank goodness. Love it and all, but really, by the time it’s over, it’s good that it’s over. LOL. Now I must seem like such a scrooge.

Wanted to show you pictures of the stocking I sewed…(they were a surprise so I couldn’t sooner)


I’m working on my cabled hoodie sweater, off and on. I’ve actually almost finished the first sleeve to the point where it is attached to the body so that’s not too bad considering I had to rip it out three times to get the size of wrist I wanted. I like a fitted sleeve so I had to decrease the amount of starting stitches and then increase back up, ever so slowly, before the actual pattern increases began. I also had to tighten up my cast on quite a bit (three tries) in order to have the structured edge I wanted with this yarn.

Ah well, may the second sleeve co-operate a little bit better.

I’m also knitting myself a pair of Esther socks. I got the free pattern through ravelry and I’m loving the lace! There is a glitch in the heel instructions where it says to continue to ‘sl 1, k33’. Um NO. The decreases mean that you will not end with the ‘k33’ but rather ‘sl 1, k19’ for the smaller size.

A picture, or two….



The cuffs are beautiful, folded with a picot edge…


What I want to do now is spin a lot of beautiful yarn and then make these again, as tall socks (maybe even knee socks!).

I think they would be beautiful 🙂

On Boxing Day, my husband (lovely man that he is!) took me to The Black Lamb to buy my Christmas gift. Laurie was kind enough to open for us and to interrupt her own day – she is a wonderful lady!

I ended up with an absolute RAINBOW of colours in the superwash merino roving…




And because I couldn’t help it – the fibre was yelling PLAY WITH ME…