Archive | November 29, 2007


It’s amazing how much stuff I’m finding that we never use, have grown out of or don’t need anymore.  I haven’t even started the main floor…I’m still working on my basement and it’s boggling.  Dh just took a load to the goodwill and is getting me more boxes.  It’s kind of cleansing, getting rid of all this stuff. 

The first load….

100_0549  24 bags are in that pile!

Focus On The Pretty Shoes


I’ve never worn these shoes.  I bought them at the second hand store and loved them, but took them for granted, forgot about them. 

It’s funny how much we have and forget about, take for granted…and funny how it takes a tragedy to show us that.  Losing a lot helps you see clearly what you have.   I found those shoes today and they represented the whole thing for me.  I have many beautiful things…most importantly beautiful people, a beautiful family! 

I’m packing today, we move in two weeks.  It’s so daunting trying to figure out what to keep and what not to…we have so much stuff.   I’m going through all my clothes right now…as good a time as any to get rid of all the things we don’t use.  I already have 4 garbage bags for the second hand store and have one pickup truck load packed.  Which only shows me how little of a dent that has put in the job.  So many books and things…things no-one ‘uses’ but things I love.  I do have to reduce though so I’m going through all of it.

All my Christmas knitting plans are messed up now but I’m still going to try to finish my husbands blanket if I can.  That man deserves to be cozy after all we’ve been through.