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Baby Me – Blogstalking 7


This is me when I was a year old! 🙂

A day in my life…Blogstalking 6

I’m so far behind with this because I couldn’t think of a way to make my day exciting.  I still haven’t. 

How do you make a day at home look exciting?  Well, brace yourself, because here it is!

First thing in the morning, there must be 100_0161 , I live on this stuff!  I usually start off here…. 100_0233 doing all the fabulous stuff, like dishes and breakfast with the kids and end up here….100_0162 to drink the 100_0161 while I read my ….100_0230 100_0165 and 100_0243.  Then the FUN begins…always lots of THIS STUFF to do…100_0237 and 100_0163.  Of course, by this time I need 100_0161 again!

Exciting huh?!

Usually in the afternoons, I settle down and 100_0172 until the kids get home and then I’m back in the 100_0167 to make dinner, help with homework, do my mommy thing 🙂

Ok, by now we all know what took me so long to post this!  It’s a typical housework mommy day interspersed with self fulfilment in the form of knitting!

Making A List…

Checking it twice…

You know how it goes! 🙂

 I think it’s about time I thought about what I want to make for Christmas this year…seriously, not that ‘oh this might be nice’ way but with lists and everything.

Luckily the kids mostly prefer the quicker things…hats, mittens, gloves, scarves.  My middle daughter wants some legwarmers.  LOL, I think it’s so funny they are in style.  I wore them as a teenager too 🙂

I’m wondering if they wouldn’t be fabulous in entralac?  I want to try that anyways…one way to make the knitting more interesting is to try new things in the ‘must do’ group.  Like the scarf I’ve just started for my little nephew…it is the ‘my so called scarf’ pattern.  What an interesting and yet so simple pattern.  I love the herringbone effect of it! 


I’m using James Brett ‘marble’ that was left over from the river forest gansey I knitted not too long ago.  LOL…that sweater is now almost too small for said nephew.  That’s the thing about knitting for kids!

So…working on that list and (since the kids are blog-allergic) I shall post it soon so I have something to check myself against!

Have a great day 🙂

Oh, AND — if any of the links/pictures aren’t working, could you let me know…I was an idiot and deleted some flickr stuff not realizing it would delete here too.  I’ve spent a couple hours trying to repair the links and reload the photos!

A Knit Free Day

Good morning 🙂

 I didn’t knit a stitch yesterday.  Not one.  That’s a rare day around here!  The party went awesomely (if that is a word) and the kids all had a great time I think 🙂

 I had to do something, lol, so I ordered some wool I’ve been loving from afar…

 It is beautiful.  Malabrigo worsted in the colour Amoroso .  I’m planning to use it to make the Hedgerow Coat from the IK Fall 2007.  That meant I had to order ten skeins, BUT that meant that I recieved a good discount!   I’ve ordered from fabulous yarn before so I had a discount code as well as the set 20% discount they offer on orders over $100.  With the Canadian dollar so high and the discounts…a fantastic deal 🙂

 This will be my first time using (touching, seeing in person) malabrigo and I’m excited.  I’ve read so many many good things about it that I cannot wait! 

 Have an excellent day!

It’s Going To Be A BUSY Day :)

Good morning, Happy Friday 🙂


I’m so Happy!!  I have completed the scary cutting of the steeks on the Autumn Rose and it went beautifully 🙂  Look how pretty.  These are my first steeks!  I used the instructions given in Eunny’s crocheted steeks tutorial and they are awesome 🙂

The Wool Gods do love me as it turns out….I had just enough of the yarn to finish the sweater even with the modifications I made.  I have yet to complete the neckband and I have a plan for that (as I’m running quite low on ‘sunrise’)…I’m going to run bands of colour…two in peat, two in sunrise, two in madder, two in sunrise, two in peat, using the background ‘old gold’ and ‘bracken’ for the purls.  I highly doubt anyone who hasn’t knit it or read the pattern will ever see that there even is a modification! 

I am enjoying this coffee…and I better…as soon as I am done, I have to start preparing for the kids’ halloween party this afternoon.  I’m making a spider cake with green guts…awesome stuff for the 9 and 10 year old set!  I have to get jelling my jello though and baking or we’re in trouble!  I couldn’t see making a cake and filling it with jello and then storing it over night even….I pictured bad things happening so I’m making it fresh today.  I did buy the canned frosting (cheating yes) so that step will be so quick. 

Another thing on my list….filling and hanging the pinata…(oh yeah, and adding legs and eyes to him so he looks spider-ish.  The pinata has worked out well so far and I just hope he can take more than one whack!  LOL  I think the first kid to try is going to break that open!

For ME…I’d really be happy if I can finish Autumn Rose and wear it but I have a feeling time will be short today even though it is only ten rows to finished.  Oh, and the lovely end weaving…I was doing it periodically as I went but haven’t caught up in a while, lol.

Have a fantastic day! 🙂


So, this week we are getting ready for my son’s halloween party.  The one I’m letting him have that I never let any of the others have (as they have helpfully pointed out to me).  I know that pretty soon the kids will be past even asking me for a party…so I said YES 🙂

We are making a pinata out of paper mache and here it is so far…..


I’ve never done this before so we’re winging it but I think it is pretty simple…we are going to cut a ‘door’ on the next (3rd) layer and continue to thicken this baby up at least a couple layers on top of that.   The pinata will be a spider 🙂  We used one of those punching balloons and I hope to keep the elastic attached at the top…it will be an excellent way to hang it for the smashing :)My little ones are set with their costumes…

100_0154   100_0155

They are so excited 🙂